Floofness; lesson 2

His royal cuteness, the drafty Floof, gave me another great lesson last week, and while we did almost melt, it was totally worth it.

Hi.  I iz the floof.
We warmed up trotting into a vertical, and focused on really sitting quiet, pressing into the mane and letting the horses jump up (versus just shooting across the jump).  Floof-pony caught on, and I was really excited to feel how much more educated he’s getting.  He is starting to figure out how to use his body correctly.

We moved onto a small winding course, with lead changes, and a tight 3 stride line.  Emphasis on half halts, balancing, and leg.  Oh and these jumps were legit, like had fill and everything.  I felt like a real rider again!  (whoop whoop)

This horse has a giant stride, so I had to be sure to jump into the line, and really sitIMG_3847[1] back to balance him.  A few weeks ago a half halt to him was quite a lot of pressure and holding with your legs.  This time, we hopped into the 3 stride, I sat back and half halted firmly….and the horse practically stalled mid-air. He’s got the half halt figured out.

And God love him, even after practically halting a stride in, I booted him forward and the dude just cantered up and popped over the 2nd jump anyway.  He gives no rats.

Next time I came into the line, and got to just hold for just a second after the jump, and he cantered out in a lovely 3 strides.  Such a good boy.

Since it was one degree from molten outside, we let him be done after another course or two.  He’s become such a nice, light ride in the past few weeks.  I can’t wait to see what he does in the jumper ring!

Finally found one that I don’t look huge on.  #beefcake
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