The Wonderful Cluster That is eBay

To start this off, I will admit that I love eBay.  When I was a kid, my Dad and I would haunt it, looking for whatever gadget or random item that we thought was worth purchasing and watching the time tick down.  I doubt we won half the time, but that wasn’t the point.

When I hit college, and started having to pay for my own items, including some horse supplies, I discovered the wide variety of equestrian things eBay had to offer.  Bonus points for mostly being affordable, and I still loved bidding on my future purchases.

joy 3

This little rescue mare 🙂

I’m pretty sure my little rescue case was outfitted in 90% eBay purchases.  No shame.  I didn’t have to eat ramen for a month straight, and my little horse had clothes.  Winning all around.

And I’ve never stopped shopping eBay.  While I can afford to splurge on some items nowadays, I love to shop around and compare.  Ebay checks all those boxes.

Most recently I have snagged a nice brand new schooling bridle for less than half it’s usual cost, a super fancy show shirt (brand new) for cheap, my first Kastel sun shirt, and am currently perusing some new breeches to celebrate fitting into normal people clothes again.


Things can also go horribly wrong.  And I find myself saying, “ugh-only on eBay”.  Examples below. Ha!

I mean-who doesn’t need those chaps?

Who else out there is an eBayer?  Find anything great?

22 thoughts on “The Wonderful Cluster That is eBay

  1. I sue eBay for some things. My biggest frustration with it is the super slow shipping times. But for things I don’t need quickly, I like it. I just bought a saddle off of eBay. I’m deeply questioning it’s ability to stay on one piece, but it was advertised that way. I took a chance on it. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. i may or may not be ordering that pink tack set THIS VERY MINUTE OMG.

    but yea, i ❤ ebay too. so useful! i buy a lot of bits there too – can find my go to HS KKs on there for pretty cheap usually

  3. I’ve had two different people in the last week tell me they bought Kastel sunshirts on ebay… I may order soon, so I hope they’re legit! But I need thank Pink tack set, tho!

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