Riding Lately: July 2016

When we left of I was just getting done with my all-american tour for work, and was glad to settle back into normal life.  Which is right about when the Midwest decided to boil over.  HOT.  HUMID.  GROSS.  So basically everyone with horses was maybe very light work, and meant that I mainly lounged around my house or bribed my way into friend’s pools.

During the cooler days I did manage to squeeze in some time on the fabulous DeeDee. And had a lesson on a new dude (to me), who I’m pretty sure someone needs to buy before I come up with a plan to take him home with me to live in my backyard.  This guy is a percheron/tb cross, and is such a floof.  Gorgeous tail, sweet face, and standing a mere 16.2 (at least) he’s about a broad as a table.  Getting in his tack I felt incredibly secure right off the bat.  He’s a solid guy, and has a really great brain.  Also-he’s a grey horse-get this-who keeps himself clean.  Insanity.  Basically a unicorn here.

He’s not sure what he’s done to trade natural, solid fences for teeny canter step crossrails.

He came here from the Foxhunting world, where he was a Master’s horse.  I’m pretty sure a could’ve set off fireworks while riding him and he would’ve given no rats.  Also heart melt, he kept poking his face at my daughter, and didn’t even flinch when she squealed with joy at the new object, or when she gently (ish) smacked patted him on the nose.  He was there to do a job, and apparently being fawned over by tiny babies comes with the territory.  Maybe my next H/J pony should be a fox hunter like Olivia?


Perch man on a mission.  For a big dude he’s got nice abs.

Perch cross job description: Go over poles.  Humor me over small cross rails (giant pony is still getting fit).  And he was damn proud of himself after doing so!  He has established flying changes and a very comfortable gait.  I had a total crush on him by lesson’s end.  Ahhhhdorable.

Me: Jump it like it’s 4ft.  Perch: You’re an idiot.

This guy is getting fit for his new job as a jumper, and I loved the opportunity to take him for a spin.  We worked on super basic, but also very important aspects in our ride.  Pace and consistency.  I’m learning when to stop nagging, and support.  We used poles, set like a fan on our circle, to really warm up with a consistent trot, before moving on to maintaining his pace through courses.  He’s a smart boy, and as long as I didn’t get handsy  (which I can do), he got the concept pretty quickly.  If anyone is looking for a solid, handsome guy, who doesn’t know the word spook, email or Facebook me!  He needs to find his person.  Besides the fantastic Brego, I rarely get to ride a drafty one.  I can see why they are so popular!  

Until then, I’m gonna try to sneak in as many rides on him as possible, and maybe consider unbreaking my wrists at some point.  You know, equitation and such.

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