Traditional vs.New: A Review Series

Part one:


Since we all start our equestrian activities with a grooming session, I figured it would be the most accurate place to begin this review series.  I am constantly intrigued by all the new products coming to market.  Either I was too far out of the loop , or perhaps because now social media has changed the face of advertising so thoroughly, but I used to have a small set of go-to grooming items and never really thought of branching out.  Now that I am exposed to so many great new products, I want to see how they can stack up against the traditional grooming products I always used.

For this first part in the series, we are stacking the ever glamorous traditional curry comb against the new Grooming Hands.  Disclaimer: I did receive a pair of these gloves for free, in return for my honest opinion posted  below.

I started with a slightly sweaty, dirty bay mare.

Exhibit A.

I introduced the traditional curry comb.  I scrubbed and brushed, and curried.  DeeDee stood quietly and let me do my thing.  In case you are wondering, I stayed on the right side of her body so I could remember to step back and observe any differences.

On a shed out summertime horse like Dee, my vigorous brushing only brought up a little dust to the surface; it wasn’t a huge change in appearance.  Honestly, if I hadn’t been doing this experiment, I might have just skipped right to a body brush.  It doesn’t exactly wow.

Next I whipped out the new contender, the Grooming Hands, tossed them both on and started on (the left side of) DeeDee.  While she wasn’t covered in mud, I could see that the ‘bristles’ of the hands do stand up higher off the gloves, I felt like I got in a little deeper on the sweat stains and dirt marks.  I also dug into her mane.  Note: I almost immediately tossed off my left hand glove.  I liked having one bare hand to hold her halter, or my phone, or to follow along her hair after the Grooming Hand to see what grime was coming up.

Using my Grooming Hand I loved being able to get all over the small nooks and spaces of her legs and face, as well as making DeeDee’s day by using them to rub and itch at her ears.  I was able to slide my fingers under the halter easily to scrub away any sweaty-ness there.

And look what it brought up after using Grooming Hands on her face.

A few other interesting points:

  • I was able to use my technology/iPhone while wearing these!  It wasn’t the easiest thing, but the glove is not thick and clunky like a heavy duty work glove would be.
  • They fit well!  Grooming Hands provides a simple sizing guide, and I was pleasantly pleased with how secure they fit around your fingers.
  • I don’t know necessarily if you need two gloves.  I actually preferred just the one glove.  But that might just be me!
  • Demelia really seemed to enjoy the gloves and I found it really fun to really dig my fingers in and get the dirt and itches for her.

Watch the short clip below to see how DeeDee demonstrates how much she likes the Grooming Hand effort on her face!  I just held my hand steady, and she found the spots I missed.  Her reaction alone, sold me on how fun these could be.  Even with a thinner skinned horse, it would allow you to pick and choose where you really dig in.  Very cool.

Overall after part one, the “new” grooming tool takes the point.

A Gift Horse recommended!

Point Tally–

Traditional: 0

New: 1

Next Traditional vs. New coming soon!

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