Flying on Over

the famous Miles
One of the most unexpected joys within my job is being able to travel to really great places.  Even better, when I just happened to by flying into Tracy at Fly On Over’s hometown!  It worked out and we decided to combine food and ponies for a great afternoon.

After I got to her place, and passed Rocky the Havenese’s test, I had the chance to tour her home before we headed out.  They’ve done a fabulous job with the house and it is SO CUTE.  I threw on some riding clothes, and off we went to see Miles and Moiya.  First up-I was in awe-the place Tracy boards at is gorgeous!  It has this lovely pond, great barns, fabulous arenas, and really nice trails.

And as for the ponies themselves?  Ugh, so adorable.  Miles is this tall, shiny, handsome boy.  He dutifully accepted my love as I wallowed on him as she got him ready.  And Moiya is such a pretty, delicate little girl who left her lunch to come see what I was all about.  Tracy is a lucky lady!

Tracy hopped on Miles first, and took him for a spin.  While Tracy and I had bonded over rough times with Miles and O, now you would never know it looking at these two!  They are doing so great, and you can see it in the partnership they share.

gushing over the cute red ears

After handing over the reins, I totally fangirled out about riding him.  I hopped on and Tracy gave me the basic rundown of the Miles buttons.  He’s a smart guy, and I loved his canter!  Tracy as done a great job keeping him on his toes, and you can tell he’s both well loved and well trained.  We even went on a little walkabout to see more of the property, and he trucked me up and down the hills and trails like a pro.  What a good boy!

smiles for days

After stuffing them with carrots and loves, we left the barn to find something to eat for ourselves.  Over a nice long lunch we chatted about all things life, and generally had a great time!  Tracy was incredibly nice, and offered great insight to my horse debacles.  So much fun.

Thank you again Tracy for sharing your lovely Miles with me, and spending an afternoon hanging out with me!  I had a great time!


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