Skills Bank

Blatantly stolen from Tracy and taken as a topic from this article.

I’ve been going through a bit of a riding drought, but for once it’s not because I don’t have options.  It’s because I’ve been traveling like crazy for work.  I had been planning these trips for a few weeks, and somehow managed to book myself in 3 different regions of the US in three weeks.  While really fun, it does take a huge toll on my riding time.  And sleeping. And my laundry.

So when I originally read Tracy’s post, I had wanted to really think about my own skills before posting. Lots of airplane time has led to the following answers.

Identify and honor your strengths:

  • I will try anything once.
  • I have a good eye for distances.
  • My long legs aid in a confident, secure seat.
  • I like to ride different horses.
  • I’m comfortable using spurs.
  • I know when something is too much.  For me or the horse.
  • I am someone who can crash and burn, and keep right on going.  (i.e. hot mess at jump 1, I pull my sh*t together and nail jump 2)
  • I thrive in a show environment.
  • I land softly, and stay over my horse well over fences.
  • I give a generous and soft release over fences.

I encourage all the riders out there to take a minute and really think about what you consider your strength.  It was very easy for me to come up with things I want to change.  Not so easy to focus on all the strengths I have.  We call could use a mental tune up in this area!



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