All Things Rolex

Obviously the internet has been flooded with pictures, write-ups and articles about all the fabulous things about Rolex.  This year was my 3rd year going, and more than ever I want to go back again. It’s a highly addicting experience.  Why?   Let me list the ways!

  1. You can day drink all day long.
  2. Tailgating is fun.  Tailgating with horse people=even more fun.
  3. Everyone loves the shopping.
  4. If you cut in the women’s restroom line, you will get shut down and kicked to the back.
  5. Dogs are everywhere; this year cute dogs wearing raincoats or jackets were the norm.
  6. You can act like a total child about seeing all these amazing horses, and no one cares because everyone is jumping up and down with you.
  7. Show jumping was sold out, so I parked my butt right by (like against the little fence surrounding it) the warm up ring and it was SO FREAKING COOL.  The pros were just casually strolling around, or talking about their horses, schooling their horses.  It was awesome to watch.  Even the pros stress about remembering the course.
  8. Eventers actually like each other.  WHY DOES THIS CONTINUE TO SURPRISE ME?

Overall, it was a fantastic trip!  We drove right around 10 hours both ways, but it was so worth it.  I did really suck it up at shopping!  I only purchased a t-shirt I think?  I was way to distracted having a tailgate spot, and hiding from the downpour of rain to run back and forth from shopping.  I did manage to find Stephanie from Hand Gallop though, it was awesome to catch up!



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