Shopping List for Rolex

I’ve been toying around with what I really want to look at this year for Rolex, and it comes down to two lists.

My realistic list:

  1. Try on some Pipers (I’m a super odd fit, and I am in the market for some fun schooling breeches)
  2. Find a sparkly browband for my lovely new/barely used show bridle.
  3. I’m a bit obsessed with getting myself some Roeckl gloves.
  4. Cute tee shirts (One Horse Threads I’m coming for you)
  5. Black or navy polo wraps for schooling
  6. Liniment/grooming supplies

My over-the-top funky list (that I’d probably never actually buy…this weekend):

  1. Everything from the list above
  2. Nice open front boots
  3. New show shirts
  4. All the pretty saddles
  5. Leather halter for someday horse
  6. Ogilvy half pad/Ecogold half pad

Anything else I should shop for ya’ll?   I’m so excited for a weekend full of horse show shenanigans!


Rolex pic I took in 2014

21 thoughts on “Shopping List for Rolex

  1. Cool hats? Sounds like a pretty great list you have going already! Pretty much grab anything marked as free…then do a fabulous blog giveaway with free rolex swag 😉 Just kidding, but not really.

  2. I’m looking to pick up a bunch of stuff. I want to get the new TSF girth and a half pad from them. I’m on the prowl for a dressage saddle. I’m also curious to try on the pipers. I’m not a huge fan of SmartPak, but some of the colors are cool so if they fit well I might pick 1 or 2 up.

  3. I’m super jealous of the shopping! One year I will get to go to Rolex!!

    Be sure to check out Equus Couture for your browband! Tiffany does AMAZING work with really artsy stuff, including vintage findings. Plus she does bracelets, stock ties and pins, halters, leads, dog collars, leashes, and more! Phew! I could seriously spend an entire paycheck there easily, it was SOOO hard to choose a design for Atlas 🙂 And she does custom stuff!

  4. My recommendations…
    Pipers forever and ever. I’m sure you’ve heard SP recently adjusted the fit, so you may luck out!
    Yes, yes and YES to Roeckl gloves, they are truly amazing and come in tons of fun colors.
    One Horse Threads has the cutest stuff, and the owners are SUPER nice.

    Have a great time!

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