Two Truths

Thanks to Amanda from Bel Jour for the fun post.

Two truths and a lie.  Which statement below is the lie?

  1. I once leased a horse trained as a professional trick horse…TRUTH: The gelding I leased in high school actually came from a man who trained him as two-horse act that supposedly jumped weird objects.  Like cars and whatnot.  He was a stud until he was 10, apparently became too much horse for it.  

    This gelding.
  2. The only two sale horses I rode while considering buying were named Ollie and Olive. TRUTH: Apparently I have a thing for horses with that similar name sound.
  3. I rode for my university’s equestrian team until is was disbanded after I graduated. LIE: I actually tried out and did not make it.  My tryout ride was a huge disaster.  Not something I’m proud of, but looking back, it was a really good thing for me.


Answers?  I’ll update soon! Make your guess!

Updated 🙂

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