How Horses Prepared Me for Baby

I’m wasn’t someone who is got all starry eyed and high pitched when babies were mentioned.  I mostly just internally laughed at the fact that those suckers parents who were up all night, covered in weird juices, and their very lives being dictated by these tiny, squishy narcissists.

But then I had one of my own.  And I’m totally obsessed,so the joke is on me.  While learning the inside and out of keeping a tiny human happy, I realized some things related directly to my time with horses. Allow me to share the reasons having horses in my life prepared me for having my daughter…

  1. The bills.  $200 for baby shots and her monthly appointment?  SIGN ME UP.  Once you pay for a few vaccinations plus the farrier and such, I was clearing way more than that on a monthly basis for a horse.  By this scale, baby is practically cheap.
  2. They can sense fear.  I swear to God my daughter can tell when I’m not in a place to have her melt down on me.  And then proceeds to melt down on me, just to be sure I remember who is boss.  So number one rule, don’t fear the baby.  Same rule applies to horses (duh).
  3. The opinions.  You have them, my 2nd cousin once removed’s wife has them. Congrats.  This goes for horses, and now babies.  I do not need your constant opinions and 50 different recommendations.  Thanks for adding to my anxiety.


    Paint pony isn’t so sure about cooing pink cheetah dressed squish.

  4. Sleeping.  I figure if I could drag myself out of bed in the dark hours of the night for a horse show, I can do the same for my baby. You know that adorable happy look your horse gives you when they see you.  Babies do that too.  Heart squeeze.
  5. Googling.  Learned this the hard way with my injury prone pony.  Do not google.  Especially at weird hours of the night.  You will not like what you find.
  6. Camera phone skills.  If horse or baby is doing something, and it’s not life threatening…always take a second to take a picture.  Because cute.  iCloud storage be damned.


    Like when you daughter decides this is the optimal toy chewing position.

  7. Poop. (You know I had to go there.)  After you’ve mucked your way through years of lessons, or stepped in or on steamy horse poo….well the baby doesn’t even compare.  Still ew.  But just an ‘ew’ that you accept and move on from.
  8. Communication.  I’ve spent so many years trying to wordlessly communicate with my horse.  It’s not so different to try to figure out what your baby needs.  There are things that don’t need words.

    photo 1 (15)

    No words needed.



12 thoughts on “How Horses Prepared Me for Baby

  1. Oh man, I dunno if I could equate baby poop to horse poop! Isn’t baby poop way more gross? At least with horses it’s just chewed up hay! (Yep, I had to go there too lol)

  2. Interesting – as a male what has been the difference pre and post baby;-

    Work Load. Pre baby, work load on two horses was shared and joint hack was frequent. Post baby, work load doubled and frequent double horse exercising frequently required. Pleasant hacks non existent. Sure wife does most of the baby work but I do put in some as well. (Got into serious heat when I took a hosepipe to a particularly messy situation)

    The rest – as above

  3. Ohmygosh this is the blog I have been searching for! (Literally — I just typed in “horse blogs” into Google. I was that desperate.) I’m in my early twenties, newly married, and pregnant with our daughter — due in November. I’m not just horse-crazy — I’m certifiably horse-insane. But my own 1200lb furry “older child” lives at my parents’ “funny farm” 45 minutes on the other side of the county. They know nothing about horses; and for the last year and a half, I have been extremely hard-pressed to find any time to spend with my boy that I was once glued to. I am going through major withdrawals, but could find NOTHING on pregnant equestrians and equestrian moms who ride. It was downright discouraging.
    Let me just tell you, I wanted to cry when I found your blog just a few moments ago. (But I was at my office job, so I couldn’t. Or I could, and they would just blame it on the hormones and my baby bump I’m sporting now.) This is definitely the encouragement I have been searching for! Thank you so much for blogging!
    PS: This particular blog post was exceptionally timed as far as my finding it. You have just thrown away some of my biggest fears that I can’t even find the words to tell my husband about. Thank you!!

    • I’m so glad that you can relate!! Being a mom who rides too is so hard, but double the reward. 🙂 Feel free to reach out via my email (or facebook page) if you ever need to chat! I’ve been there!

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