Ariat Terrace Jacket: Review

While I realize it’s April and soon the heavy layers of winter riding gear will be packed away for the warm season, I still wanted to share my review of Ariat’s Terrace Jacket.

I bought this February of 2015 while in San Antonio with some lovely bloggers for the weekend.  We hit up some tack stores, and I snatched this jacket up on the cheap. It caught my eye because the lining has adorable German Shorthair dogs on it.

photo 4 (12)

Within a few weeks it had warmed way up, so I didn’t really get to break in this jacket and see what it works like until this past winter.


  1. Ariat makes a sturdy coat!  This one has had multiple run-in’s with trailer walls, horses mouth’s and me getting it caught on things.  It doesn’t have a snag on it.  One time I somehow managed to catch one of the loops in something, and when I pulled away it just unsnapped.  Easiest fix ever (just resnap it).
  2. I love the color.  It’s a deep red that is fun and pretty without making me look like a firetruck.FullSizeRender (26)
    1. The dog print silky lining is adorable, because anything with cute dogs wins in my book.
  3. It’s warm.  I loved wearing this coat, and felt totally comfortable outside in the Midwestern winter where temperatures hang out in the 20’s and 30’s.  It was my go-to all winter long.
  4. The fit is really great.  I’m usually a size medium and this fits with just the right about of room that I can squeeze a smaller, tighter jacket on or even just layered shirts if I need more warm.  If I just have the coat on, I don’t look horribly bulky.
  5. It’s SMART.  There are tons of little features that I love to have in a riding jacket.  The front zips and buttons up higher so you can protect your neck from the vicious winter wind. The back has a ducktail so your butt is more covered while you ride.  It’s adjustable at the waist, plus the double zipper so you can adjust to what degree you want the coat open. The pockets zip shut as well, and are placed for easy use.  It seems to repel dirt, or at least brush off well.
  6. Double use?  I felt like this coat was definitely pretty enough to wear to my 8-5, and often wore it to work events.  So it’s more than just a barn coat for me.

Overall, it is one of my favorite coats of all time, and hopefully one that I can use for a long time.  Priced regularly around $110, I grabbed this for sale at $45.  Which makes it even better in my mind.  Since it’s last years coat, you might be able to find as good of a deal on it, but sadly online Dover seems to be the only online carrier, which I would not advise ordering from.  However, I would definitely recommend looking into an Ariat coat for this year’s winter gear, just based on the quality of this one.

15 thoughts on “Ariat Terrace Jacket: Review

  1. Love it! I just bought the Ariat Revel jacket in black, which is one of their soft shells. Same idea: super durable, cute, it’ll last me forever. Is this the heavier winter jacket of that then? Like how cold could it be outside and you were still warm in it?

    • I believe it is! Great question-I actually went back and put in some actual temps in my review after I saw your comment. Our winters here tend to be in the 20’s 30’s and I was quite comfortable riding in this. I would say that if I was planning on standing outside for long periods on time in 20 degree temps that I might have wanted something extra to go under it to help a bit more. It isn’t that really thick, winter feel, but it does a great job breaking the wind and keeping me warm.

  2. I have an older version of that coat in the same color. (Mine has a different, but still adorable, lining though!) I love it. I wear it all winter long, and the weight is plenty for a super cold day with the right layering, but it also functions as a medium weight coat for those days with just a bit of chill. It also seems to cut the wind okay. My favorite part though? It washes up so easily! I seriously just dump it in the washer, let it hang dry, and it looks brand new. Mine is going on 2 years old, and I still think it looks fantastic.

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