Back on Course

My path back to being fit and able to ride less like a drunk monkey, and more like myself has been sporadic.  But I do have good news.  Last week I was able to school a horse I had never ridden over a full course…twice.

Oh and I didn’t die.

Yes, he was another schoolie who knows not to waste energy on shenanigans, but still.  Baby steps people.

I’m starting to remember pace, I’m remembering where the distance is, and I’m remembering that I do really enjoy this!  I had a clingy moment during the ride and tried to put in 4.25 strides in a 4.  Immediately I went into survival mode, full expecting to get tossed over a shoulder.  But the saintly gelding just sighed and put in the biggest, ugliest chip stride I’ve seen in a long time, and popped over.  So I guess the drunk monkey riding isn’t gone forever, but those moments are getting further apart.

flipped pic
Throwback to super fit Genny.

This weeks lesson, it was reinforcing pace and steadiness.  I was back on my handsome friend Grover, and as long as I kept him nice and straight we bounced right through our poles, and over the bending line without any issues.  In fact I even felt like I could keep my leg in place and really sit up through the little course.  All signs of returning fitness I hope.

Of course with my returning fitness I can’t help but think forward to this summer!  I’m hoping to check off some items on my to do list, but most of all, just having a hell of a good time doing what I love!  Bring on all the horses.

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