The Way My Brain Works

After I sold O I had about 1000 different ideas about how I would proceed in the future with horses.  They fall under three main catagories:

  1. Lease a horse
  2. Buy a horse
  3. Scramble and ride whatever I can

But after those three directions…things got a little crazy.  Below is a list of the array of things I’ve thought about doing.  Some completely ridiculous, some more plausible….

  • Buy a cute, young horse to bring up through the hunter world. (like I did with O, but hopefully it wouldn’t hate to jump)
  • Bring up baby horse.  My husband has a ‘baby horse’ who is 4 and couldn’t hurt to put miles on.

    titan baby

    He’s not this little anymore!

  • Buy a greenie off the track.  Because I loved my OTTB’s I worked with in high school, and would love to have my own again.
  • Adopt a mustang.  Because Elisa Wallace and several bloggers here make them look like tiny sporty badasses.
  • Lease something with some experience, and hit the shows hard.
  • Buy a baby horse.
  • Steal my father-in-law’s lovely black Percheron mare  Because she looks like something out of a fairy tale.  Also, feathers.IMG_2253
  • Forget my pursuits, buy a young large pony, and spend the next few years bringing it up the levels.  It’ll be a rockstar by the time baby girl can really ride.
  • Explore new disciplines!  Eventing (at the lowest level) looks like something my stomach might be able to handle.  Or hey, what about foxhunting!?  We have a great local organization for both.
  • Maybe I’m going too far and really just want to play jumpers?  Speed and bling are welcome there, and I like both those things.

    jumper 3

    Back when I knew how to turn and burn.

What all of this really breaks down to is I have zero clue what I’m going to do next anymore.  I thought I did.  Then I found more options….and then others…and now we are here.  But the biggest piece of advice everyone shared with me is that I shouldn’t rush.  I should take my time and enjoy what I’m doing.   So for now, I’m going to keep poking my way around the hunter ring with cute schoolies.  After that…who knows!?



22 thoughts on “The Way My Brain Works

  1. I can understand this back and forth. I kinda got cray with ideas when I came back to riding. If you opt to go the OTTB route let me know and Ill keep an eye out 🙂 I am always perusing various sites for friends!

  2. Sounds like you have gotten some great advice. When you’re not sure what to do, do nothing. The right situation will come along.

  3. Definitely a lot of options and you don’t need to rush into anything. The nice thing about borrowing your families horses is you can always give them back to them if you change your mind 😛

  4. leaving all doors open sounds like a great plan to me – who knows, maybe you’ll meet a horse you really connect with, and that horse’s background, skillset, whatever will dictate the path you take?

  5. I think you got a great piece of advice! And who knows, maybe at some point one of those options will pop up and present itself all on its own. See what happens!

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