After 1 Year

I finally jumped!!  And dear God, I remember why I love it so much.  For months, even while jumping, O hadn’t exactly made it a fun experience.  So having the chance to bounce around a little course with one of my trainers schoolies was so nice.  The gelding I was on knows his job inside out, makes the strides, and can take a joke if necessary (shocker-he had to a few times).  I’m pretty sure I said “good boy” about 500 times.

It was for the first time since getting pregnant that I really, truly felt like my old self again. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in being out of shape, or getting disappointed in my lack of strength.  But during this ride, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing.  I didn’t do it perfectly, and I wanted to hold this poor bay’s face all the way over the jump, but the simple fact is that this is what I want to continue doing.  And if I can get some energy and muscle back, it’ll only get better.

We did a little outside line, a bending line around to a long approach single.  Having been riding a stopper for months has created some general busy-ness with my hands and upper body at the base of the jump, but I think having some really honest types take me around a few times will help ease those control issues.  I was proud though, of when Mr. Schoolie wanted to get a little quick, I wasn’t intimidated or anxious.  A big half-halt and we were back on our merry way.

See that “giant”crossrail.  First jump after a year.  The little vertical next to it was in the second line.  
I’m so excited!  What a fun ride!

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