Aches and Pains

After baby I was back in the saddle about 7 weeks later.  I felt totally floppy/messy, but I was there.  Then O left, and instead of riding 2-3 times a week, I suddenly was doing the once a week lesson thing.  My first lesson was fine, but I also spent equal times fuming and laughing at myself.  It is quite possibly the most frustrating thing to know what you are supposed to do, and realize your body can’t do it.  But in some ways it’s just hilarious, because you know you look ridiculous too.  (pony kicks for everyone)

Sitting up

Want to ride like this….

Last Thursday was my second ‘real’ lesson, and honestly I spent the majority of it embarrassed.  Not that I thought a few rides would make a huge difference, but I expected something to be better.  Uh…nope.

If anything, I felt like I was getting more floppy, gross, and just spaztic in the tack.  My schoolie, a new one to me, probably thought I’d lost my mind because we spent a lot of time walking.  I had to focus on not dying after just posting trot, or two pointing around a full lap.  Humiliating.

My trainer is the best, and I try to laugh it off, but it really is hard.  The basic conclusion is that I need something to ride more often.  I’m not going to recover from 6 months off by riding once a week.  At least not quickly.  So there is about 5 different plans in motion, and we’ll just have to see what works out.

All I can tell you is that I’m so sore today my arms kind of hurt when I stretch out to type and carrying the baby up and down the stairs is a whole production.  Let’s not even talk about the dumb choice to wear heels Friday.  My thighs are killing.




10 thoughts on “Aches and Pains

  1. It’s a good hurt thought! You’ll eventually feel those muscles getting stronger, and if you do things right, this is a good chance to change muscle memory and fix anything that may have been problematic for you before.

  2. I can’t wait to hear what your plans are! You’ll be fit again before you know it, be patient with yourself. And definitely don’t be embarrassed. You popped a baby out of your body!!! Sh*t changes 🙂

  3. It’s hard getting older. Everything takes more time and doesn’t come as easily. But, that said, we are way more wiser than we once were! Hang in there-it can only get better!

  4. aww i definitely feel your pain 😦 getting back into riding after an extended break is SO HARD, esp bc of your point about knowing how to do a thing, yet being unable to actually physically do it… it pretty much just sucks. definitely not insurmountable tho, esp if you can find something to ride more often!!

  5. Oh god the thigh pain! I feel your pain! lol – I am currently only riding once a week and spend half a week, every week walking around like a 90-year-old cowboy. 😛

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