Not Ready to Start Over

When I came to the conclusion that O was no longer a good fit for me, one of my first thought was.  Now what?

I mean, honestly.  What the heck do I do now?

Naturally first I needed to find O the perfect new home. (put a check by this one)

But that tiny voice inside my head kept saying, “then what?” over and over.

The idea of starting over with a new horse is something that makes my heart hurt even more.  While I am someone who is always glancing through for sale ads, the thought of making the leap with a new partner isn’t something I want right now.  In fact just thinking of going through the buying, bonding, learning experience gives me severe anxiety.  And what if-after all that-it doesn’t work out again?

I had always maintained to my husband, parents, trainer that I had taken the gamble with O because I thought she was something truly special.  And as wonderful as many of our times were, the rest of them have been emotionally exhausting.  Especially this last part.  Not shocking to anyone, but realizing your dreams aren’t going to work out sucks bad.

So I have to ask.  How do you handle moving to a new horse?  How do you press restart?  I hate being in this weird funk.  Advice is welcome!


horseback facing away

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