2016 To Do List

I don’t feel like I have any great goals as of right now?  So I am calling this my equestrian to do list.  It’s basically my ‘shit hit the fan, and am scrambling to figure out this year’ list.


  1. Get back into regular lessons
  2. Go on at least 3 trail rides, whether that’s at our facility or out at my hubs place
  3. Go to a show and actually ride in it???????????????????????????????
  4. Ribbon in said show
  5. Go thru my grooming box/locker/horse crap box (currently residing in garage) and cleanse all the unnecessary things
  6. Buy a new girth.  Rolex I’m looking at you.
  7. Buy something sparkly and un-hunter-y because I can!  Again-Rolex, you better bring me all the shopping goodness
  8. Try out a new discipline for fun.  Maybe Jacq will take me out on the XC course?
  9. Introduce baby C to “her” pony, the one and only Dynmite

    photo 2 (15)
    Cute little pony boot.
  10. Learn how to drive a truck/trailer

I freaking love to do lists.  Can’t wait to cross things off!

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