Shoutout to my Sweetheart

Cheesy goodness to follow.

A shout out to the amazing guy that continues to put up with a plethora of erratic behaviors…such as:

  • Hanging around the house in my riding pants
  • Dragging arena dirt, poo, and God know what around our house
  • Polishing my boots in our living room
  • Storing 1 western saddle, 2 bridles, three blanket, two coolers and two totes full of random horse junk in the garage
  • Destroying the trunk of every car I’ve ever owned
  • My constant need to show him horses for sale online
  • Asking the hubs to  stand around for hours at horse shows he really probably hates
  • My constant need to show him pictures of little girls on horses/ponies and tell him that will be baby C’s future
  • Watching the baby while I go and listen in to clinics, lessons and horse shows
  • Oiling my saddle whilst drinking margaritas in the living room
  • Asking him to ride my mare for me when I just couldn’t get into the saddle

This guy is a wonderful father, a great friend, a fantastic rider, and the love of my life.  I’m so lucky to have him. Happy Valentine’s baby!

2 thoughts on “Shoutout to my Sweetheart

  1. You are SOOOO fortunate to have a great husband!
    I own a horse farm, and my husband does NOTHING! I am thankful because he would surely get killed, and what he does not do at the farm, he makes up in so many other ways.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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