TRM Hop: Pet Peeves

Cathryn at That Red Mare has another blog hop for us today, and I’m actually on top of things enough to participate! Woo!

OMG he’s just too cute.

She asks….
What is your biggest horse related pet peeve? (Try and keep this one more about the horse itself. Things like spooking at nothing, dirty stoppers, refusing to load, etc.).

I would say that after owning one that has a pretty dirty stop, that it is definitely a pet peeve of mine.  Not fun at all.  However, I do have two other ones that actually came to mind before that.

  1. Horses who are aggressive towards people or other horses while being handled.  We recently had one come through our barn with some significant attitude while being handled.  It wasn’t okay with me.  I don’t want to feel threatened by something 1200lbs bigger than me, nor do I want my horse to be a victim.
  2. Horses who are always hard to catch.  I don’t mind the occasional “Oh my gosh, life is so good, let’s go run around instead of coming inside” moment some horses have.  But horses who are notorious for it…that’s annoying to me.


Secondly, what is your biggest equestrian related pet peeve? (This is less about the horse and more about the people in the industry. It can be anything from hating the aisleways in the barn not being swept, the wait times between classes, or even things like rollkur).

PEOPLE WHO ASSUME OTHER RIDERS DON’T HAVE A CLUE!  I had to work to ride as a junior, and there were hundreds of times that people would say incredibly dumb things to me assuming that I didn’t have a clue how to ride or handle myself in the tack.  Just because I’m mucking stalls, lady/gent/child, does not mean I don’t ride decently.  The worse part?  It continues even know.  A few months ago, someone had a discussion with me about how to halter a horse properly.  I honestly didn’t know what to do in the situation, so I just nodded and smiled.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

So really it’s also about people who assume they know everything or at least everything better than you do.

Whew.  That one apparently gets me pretty fired up.

Here’s a cute picture throw back to end on a high note.

photo 1 (48)


7 thoughts on “TRM Hop: Pet Peeves

  1. ugh yea i get super frustrated by the ‘always assume the worst’ attitude that is so pervasive around horses. like, i understand it in part – someone new shows up to your barn saying that they have all these extensive experiences and skills… and well, sometimes they’re exaggerating (or straight up lying). that’s def potentially unsafe for everyone involved, i get it. (tho it drives me absolutely batty when i’m that new person)

    but really there is no reason ever to try and make someone feel stupid or like an idiot.

  2. Those are good ones! I always have the opposite problem… I assume people know more than they do and then have trouble giving them the right amount of instruction. But haltering. Really?! You’re a better person than me. I probably would have smacked them.

  3. OMG HATE IT when people assume you’re an idiot! this happens to me occasionally as an eventer surrounded by dressage people; it’s like they think I don’t know what dressage is because 2/3 of eventing is jumping and all eventers are insane, obviously.

  4. I hate it when horses crowd my space or get gripey at meal times! One of my pet peeves with equestrians is when they assume their unclipped horse is cold because they are, then they leave the blanket on 24/7 all winter (even when it’s perfectly warm and sunny out!). Then they finally take the blanket off late spring and pretend to be shocked that their horse is skinny as a rail.

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