In many ways the decision to find O a new home was an easy choice.  The mare had made it clear as crystal that she was not into what I was.  We were breaking up.  It is logically best for everyone.  She gets a great new life where she doesn’t have to be so stressed about her work, and I get to pursue jumping again.

Simple right?


If I think too hard about the fact that she will be leaving, then it starts to hurt.  So instead I feel like my mind is just sort of halfway on. Aloof in some ways I guess?  Yet the idea that I will be saying goodbye to my little bay partner is heart aching.

I know that’s the role we play as riders.  It’s our job to make sure they are happy too.  Life’s too short to be unhappy and as much as I adore her, neither of us is happy doing what we are doing anymore.  I had reached out to some local people, as well as tentatively posted online.  

Sure enough, O had a few nice candidates lined up within the week.  And now, faster than I imagined, someone has met her, loved her, and vetted her.  She got a great bill of health, and before I knew it…I was horseless.  

My brain still feels scrambled about everything and how fast things happened.  But what I do know is that O was very interested in her new owner (aka begging for loves and treats),that these people seem wonderful and that they treat their horses like family.   I couldn’t ask for any more for my special little bay.  But still I’m not looking forward to when my heart catches up with my head and I realize how much I miss her. 

Big bay ears



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