In many ways the decision to find O a new home was an easy choice.  The mare had made it clear as crystal that she was not into what I was.  We were breaking up.  It is logically best for everyone.  She gets a great new life where she doesn’t have to be so stressed about her work, and I get to pursue jumping again.

Simple right?


If I think too hard about the fact that she will be leaving, then it starts to hurt.  So instead I feel like my mind is just sort of halfway on. Aloof in some ways I guess?  Yet the idea that I will be saying goodbye to my little bay partner is heart aching.

I know that’s the role we play as riders.  It’s our job to make sure they are happy too.  Life’s too short to be unhappy and as much as I adore her, neither of us is happy doing what we are doing anymore.  I had reached out to some local people, as well as tentatively posted online.  

Sure enough, O had a few nice candidates lined up within the week.  And now, faster than I imagined, someone has met her, loved her, and vetted her.  She got a great bill of health, and before I knew it…I was horseless.  

My brain still feels scrambled about everything and how fast things happened.  But what I do know is that O was very interested in her new owner (aka begging for loves and treats),that these people seem wonderful and that they treat their horses like family.   I couldn’t ask for any more for my special little bay.  But still I’m not looking forward to when my heart catches up with my head and I realize how much I miss her. 

Big bay ears




30 thoughts on “Resignation

  1. Wow, that really was fast! It does sound like she found a great home – maybe you’ll get some updates from them and that might help the heartache a little? Either way though, not easy! Thinking of you!

  2. I understand how you feel. I made the decision to put Topaki up for sale 3 weeks ago. My trainer still hasn’t got around to creating his sale video so he is not up yet. Subsequently, my heart is catching up with my head (I know at the end of the day it’s the right thing to do, but) it’s making the prolonged action of it very difficult.

  3. sending hugs girl. you left no stone unturned, and her fast and easy sale to such a wonderful home is a testament to all the work and love you poured into O.

  4. Maybe faster is better? That way you weren’t having to deal with a long, drawn out, “am I doing the right thing??” mental torture. I feel for you though. I’m sure they’ll love her!

  5. Dang so fast but how cool that you found her an awesome home!! It’s hard moving on from your 4 legged friend but I hope you will find something amazing!!

    My heart horse was an ottb that had no desire to race… I loved her so much but gues what, she wasn’t into jumping much either. She was the best horse on the flat and i could take her anywhere- solid as gold. Found her a great home and I found w horse with jumping talent – I still miss her but I know she’s happy πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, hugs. I think fast is good, like Carly said, it avoided time to think too much and drive yourself nuts. Congrats on finding a good home for her and wishing you the best in finding a good match for you!

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