Not Ready to Start Over

When I came to the conclusion that O was no longer a good fit for me, one of my first thought was.  Now what?

I mean, honestly.  What the heck do I do now?

Naturally first I needed to find O the perfect new home. (put a check by this one)

But that tiny voice inside my head kept saying, “then what?” over and over.

The idea of starting over with a new horse is something that makes my heart hurt even more.  While I am someone who is always glancing through for sale ads, the thought of making the leap with a new partner isn’t something I want right now.  In fact just thinking of going through the buying, bonding, learning experience gives me severe anxiety.  And what if-after all that-it doesn’t work out again?

I had always maintained to my husband, parents, trainer that I had taken the gamble with O because I thought she was something truly special.  And as wonderful as many of our times were, the rest of them have been emotionally exhausting.  Especially this last part.  Not shocking to anyone, but realizing your dreams aren’t going to work out sucks bad.

So I have to ask.  How do you handle moving to a new horse?  How do you press restart?  I hate being in this weird funk.  Advice is welcome!


horseback facing away

On a positive note: don’t forget to enter!

2016 To Do List

I don’t feel like I have any great goals as of right now?  So I am calling this my equestrian to do list.  It’s basically my ‘shit hit the fan, and am scrambling to figure out this year’ list.


  1. Get back into regular lessons
  2. Go on at least 3 trail rides, whether that’s at our facility or out at my hubs place
  3. Go to a show and actually ride in it???????????????????????????????
  4. Ribbon in said show
  5. Go thru my grooming box/locker/horse crap box (currently residing in garage) and cleanse all the unnecessary things
  6. Buy a new girth.  Rolex I’m looking at you.
  7. Buy something sparkly and un-hunter-y because I can!  Again-Rolex, you better bring me all the shopping goodness
  8. Try out a new discipline for fun.  Maybe Jacq will take me out on the XC course?
  9. Introduce baby C to “her” pony, the one and only Dynmite

    photo 2 (15)

    Cute little pony boot.

  10. Learn how to drive a truck/trailer

I freaking love to do lists.  Can’t wait to cross things off!

Noble Outfitters: Review and Giveaway!

When Noble Outfitters first contacted me about reviewing their products I was over 9 months pregnant and wasn’t doing a lot of riding at the moment.  That said, Noble was fabulous and sent two products to try out anyway, offering to let me review them when I was back in the saddle.

I received the Balance Riding Tights in navy and the Ringside Pack.

First up is the Balance Riding Tights.  

The past four weeks I’ve been small enough to fit into them, and fit enough to go for some rides.  And let me tell you…I LOVE THEM.  Reasons I love them?

  1. They fit me really well.  I like the mid-rise, that is great for tucking shirts into, without making me feel like I’m 100 years old.  The soft sock bottom hits my leg well.  My inseam is about 36inches long, so for more petite riders, this may cause some issues.  For me though, it is great.
  2. They feel like really wonderful sweatpants.  They are quite stretchy, and feel good to wear in and out of the saddle.  After riding I actually lounged around in my house in them because of how comfortable they felt.


    So comfortable.

  3. The color is really pretty.  I love the navy blue and grey combo I have, and appreciate that it is true to what it looks like online.  That said, I’m not sure I’d call it navy, which I typically think of as a much darker shade.  I was able to wear them a few different days before feeling like they were dirty enough to wash.
  4. Extras.  These tights have a belt loop, and look nice with a belt.  I’m also loving the side pocket that is  on the left thigh.  My iPhone 6 fits perfectly in it, and it’s so nice to not have to scramble, or do the stand-in-the-saddle-and-rummage move when I need to get something out of my pockets.  Hell, my other tights didn’t even have pockets.  Another perk because equestrians need all the pockets.
  5. Price point.  At $89.95 I love them.  I’m not someone to spend lightly, so the fact that these are roughly the same price as Smartpak Pipers, I feel like they are a really quality option.
  6. Husband proof?  I love my husband, and he was helping with laundry a few days ago.  He washed those poor tights in with our t-shirts, and then dried them on high heat.  Results?  Nada.  They look exactly like they did before, plus the fit is the same too.  I probably won’t subject them to too many more drying episodes, but it’s nice to know they stand up well to abuse.

Now for the Ringside Backpack.

I had this around when I was preggers, and immediately stuffed it full of my various gloves, some riding clothes, drinks, snacks, and my helmet…and still felt like I could’ve put a ton more things in it.  There is so much room and plenty of organization put into this bag.


Ready to roll out to the barn!

Now that I’m back in lessons, I go straight from work to the barn and the backpack is a wonderful time-saver.  I pack everything in the a.m. and all my riding stuff is easy to grab and throw on my back.  Plus there is several different compartments, so I have a separate ‘clean’ zipper space where I can put my dress clothes after I change from work.  While it’s more pricy than many backpacks you could pick up at Target or something, the $99.95 I honestly understand. This item is a portable tack trunk, and I think the value it brings is worth it.  I’m loving it and can’t wait to have it at shows.

Final word:

I would definitely recommend both of these items!  Pay close attention to the size chart for the tights.  Usually I am a size 30, and fit easily into the size large that the chart dictated I was.  I have a feeling I could squeeze into the mediums, but prefer not to quite yet after baby.

FullSizeRender (9)

Tights in action.

Noble Outfitters offered up one of their fabulous Ringside backpacks for a giveaway too!  Enter by simply commenting below, and sharing the contest on your blog or Facebook.  Please don’t forget to let me know you shared, I don’t want to miss anyone!  I’ll close the giveaway on March 1st at midnight.

Shoutout to my Sweetheart

Cheesy goodness to follow.

A shout out to the amazing guy that continues to put up with a plethora of erratic behaviors…such as:

  • Hanging around the house in my riding pants
  • Dragging arena dirt, poo, and God know what around our house
  • Polishing my boots in our living room
  • Storing 1 western saddle, 2 bridles, three blanket, two coolers and two totes full of random horse junk in the garage
  • Destroying the trunk of every car I’ve ever owned
  • My constant need to show him horses for sale online
  • Asking the hubs to  stand around for hours at horse shows he really probably hates
  • My constant need to show him pictures of little girls on horses/ponies and tell him that will be baby C’s future
  • Watching the baby while I go and listen in to clinics, lessons and horse shows
  • Oiling my saddle whilst drinking margaritas in the living room
  • Asking him to ride my mare for me when I just couldn’t get into the saddle

This guy is a wonderful father, a great friend, a fantastic rider, and the love of my life.  I’m so lucky to have him. Happy Valentine’s baby!

TRM Hop: Pet Peeves

Cathryn at That Red Mare has another blog hop for us today, and I’m actually on top of things enough to participate! Woo!

OMG he’s just too cute.

She asks….
What is your biggest horse related pet peeve? (Try and keep this one more about the horse itself. Things like spooking at nothing, dirty stoppers, refusing to load, etc.).

I would say that after owning one that has a pretty dirty stop, that it is definitely a pet peeve of mine.  Not fun at all.  However, I do have two other ones that actually came to mind before that.

  1. Horses who are aggressive towards people or other horses while being handled.  We recently had one come through our barn with some significant attitude while being handled.  It wasn’t okay with me.  I don’t want to feel threatened by something 1200lbs bigger than me, nor do I want my horse to be a victim.
  2. Horses who are always hard to catch.  I don’t mind the occasional “Oh my gosh, life is so good, let’s go run around instead of coming inside” moment some horses have.  But horses who are notorious for it…that’s annoying to me.


Secondly, what is your biggest equestrian related pet peeve? (This is less about the horse and more about the people in the industry. It can be anything from hating the aisleways in the barn not being swept, the wait times between classes, or even things like rollkur).

PEOPLE WHO ASSUME OTHER RIDERS DON’T HAVE A CLUE!  I had to work to ride as a junior, and there were hundreds of times that people would say incredibly dumb things to me assuming that I didn’t have a clue how to ride or handle myself in the tack.  Just because I’m mucking stalls, lady/gent/child, does not mean I don’t ride decently.  The worse part?  It continues even know.  A few months ago, someone had a discussion with me about how to halter a horse properly.  I honestly didn’t know what to do in the situation, so I just nodded and smiled.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

So really it’s also about people who assume they know everything or at least everything better than you do.

Whew.  That one apparently gets me pretty fired up.

Here’s a cute picture throw back to end on a high note.

photo 1 (48)


Kisses and Well Wishes

I was surprised how calm and cool I was when I caught O and brought her in to her new owner.  I snapped a last minute selfie, and random picture of her waiting for me in the field.  She even walked up to me while I was trying to snap the picture.

FullSizeRender (11)

It’s really early Mom!

Then slipped her halter on and marched her in.

FullSizeRender (10)

Getting sad selfie.

In the driveway, I forced one more picture on the poor horse, and then realized I was a bit panicky.  I grabbed her nose, and brought her face up to mine.  Told her that I loved her, and that these new people would be wonderful and love her like I did.  Gave that diamond on her nose lots of kisses, and handed her over.

FullSizeRender (9)

Wishing her all the best.

She was perky and snorty at the new trailer, but walked up the ramp and straight into her place. I walked into the barn office and watched the trailer pulled out.  And it started to hurt.  A few tears escaped, I admit, but mostly just tears of knowing how much things were going to be different, and that I’d miss her.

I went home, curled up on the couch with baby girl, and just kind of stared at junk TV all day.  I know I made the right call, and that she will be so, so happy in her new home.  That does not make it suck any less.  My trainer already has me figuring out how to get back into the program next week, and I plan on going out to hang with barn friends very soon.  Cure for horse heart ache?  More horse activities.

And tequila.  That helps too.