Epic Flail

Well I really did a number in myself this week. My whole agenda to ride a bunch in the gorgeous weather (I had lots of babysitting help available this week) has gotten sidelined.  All because of an epic kitchen fail.

Monday I wanted to make rib eye.  It’s fatty and delicious and not something we have very often.  I had veggies prepped, wine poured, skillet preheated…

Skillet preheated to 425….

Had my mom on the phone….

Husband placed skillet on stove top for steak insertion….

Tossed my steak in my pan and grabbed the handle to move it. Oh yah.  You read that right, I grabbed that cast iron skillet handle.  Cast irons don’t have rubber handles.

After doing some fabulous dance moves, and telling my mom I needed to call her back, I spent the remainder of my night and early morning with my hand in cold water.  Burns hurt like a sonofabitch, and I admit I drowned part of my pain in wine and caramels.  No regrets there.


Bonding with my bucket of cold, cold water.  

Anyway, I haven’t gotten to ride a single time this week until today! O and her brand new trimmed tootsies have been hanging out being a pretty pasture puff.

Anyone have any brilliant healing methods for hand burns?  Riding one handed isn’t ideal.

Side note: O was such a good girl today.  And I caught her snoozing in the sun.  Always adorable.

FullSizeRender (4)

Look how cute she is!

26 thoughts on “Epic Flail

  1. Yikes. Kyle sliced his foot open and urgent care treated it like a burn and gave him a prescription cream that worked amazing. I would suggest also arnica gel. I put that stuff on everything.

  2. I have a massive iron skillet that really takes two hands to take out of the oven when it’s loaded… and I never do. I’ve burned my arm on the damn thing three (THREE! I am so dumb…) times now. They hurt like a bitch enough there, and I can’t imagine your poor hand!

  3. OH I feel your pain. Years ago I had a run-in with a mustang that involved rope burns all over the insides of both of my hands. They’re just agonizing.

    Aloe, lots of it. Painkillers. And time. It just sucks in the meantime. If you’re concerned a visit to urgent care isn’t the worst idea; some of those blistery burns can get infected if they’re large or complicated.

    I’m sorry. 😦 We’ve all done it. I can see on my hand right now while typing the burn on the back of my wrist from taking something out of the toaster oven without taking care. It burned so badly and immediately that there was no blister, just charred skin.

  4. OUCH! Geez that sounds painful. I had a bad rope burn on my had a few years ago (from an uncoorperative horse of course…) someone had recommended a pain-killer spray to me that was pretty good, but I can’t for the life of me recall what the name of it is at the moment… I’m sure it’s in the first aid aisle

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