Rider (and a half)

First I must confess.  Maternity leave is a strange, strange world.  I’m definitely not used to being home as much, and man do you notice random things.  For one, shopping is SO MUCH easier during the day.  Another, I discovered the trim in my living room is actually two different shades of white.  Finally, there is no one judging as I dressed my poor kid up in a bear suit, and hauled her cute butt out to the barn a time or two during the week.

Torturing child with tummy time after a barn run.  Bear suit in all it’s glory.


The first time I went out there with her, O actually hightailed it away from me.  Guessing she wasn’t a fan of the cooing ‘belly’ I was wearing.  Baby was in a carrier, zipped into part of my coat.  After I convinced O that she wasn’t going to be eaten by baby, we have had some really nice days together.

Baby carrier-vital for hauling child around stables.

Some days I just have time to groom, rearrange blankets, and give nose kisses.  Other days I wear baby into the arena and lunge O.  Which is much easier than you’d think.  And then there are days that I bribe random people with Starbucks to watch baby sleep so I can ride.

Have I mentioned I am seriously the luckiest Mom ever?   This kid is totally chill, and as long as we have a binky for times of crisis (like when I brush too vigorously and bug her, or try to awkwardly pick out feet or tail clumps wearing her), we are good to go.  It’ll be interesting to see how baby handles barn time once she’s more aware.  Fingers crossed she keeps up the awesome-ness.

Random cuddle picture.

Anyway, more coming on recent rides, and slowly getting back into shape!

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