Meet Hampton Ivy Designs

A few months ago a favorite local tack store started carrying these ridiculously cute cuffs in their store.  After doing some research online I found that their maker, Hampton Ivy, has dozens of items, everything from men’s jewelry, to necklaces and more.  Many with a delightful equestrian twist!

After reading the wonderful reviews and opinions from my friends with pieces, I thought it would be great to share on the blog.  Melanie, one of the owners, was lovely to chat with, and answered a few questions for us.  Read below to get to know Hampton Ivy Designs!

1. When did Hampton Ivy Designs get started?

Hampton Ivy opened an Etsy shop and began selling in tack shops in the Spring of 2015. 

2. Whose idea was Hampton Ivy Designs?

I am majoring in advertising and marketing communications at a renowned fashion college in NYC and became interested in designing accessories. I was looking for equestrian designs with a preppy look and they were hard to find so I saw a spot that needed to be filled. I was talking with my family one night and we decided to do this as a family effort because we all love preppy design and wanted to see this niche filled. 

preppy braecelet

3. Who handles all design work and ideas behind the products?

It’s really a collaboration of myself, my 2 brothers and my mother. Each one has something special they bring. My one brother is the creative artist, the other handles the business side of things, but they both come up with mens designs too. The women’s designs are created by myself and my mother. We try to keep a modern spin on aspects of it, but stay true to traditional preppy looks first. We love creating bracelets and necklaces that honor the equestrian in us! 

4. Are you a horsewoman? If so, tell us about your equestrian life!

Yes, I come from a whole family of riders. My mother was a well known trainer on Long Island and she owned several horses throughout her life and trained students through the A circuit in hunters and jumpers. My brother was a rider too and I started riding at around 5. I’d like to find more time to ride, but right now it’s just busy with school and Hampton Ivy. But riding will always be a part of my life! 

5. Do you have a go-to or favorite item from Hampton Ivy that you yourself wear?

 I love all of our pieces of course, but I probably wear the leather cuff with the horse shoe the most. The leather is made from a very fine goat leather and is so smooth! And the horse shoe always means good luck, so of course everyone loves good luck. 🙂 Then the 18k antiqued gold finish just has such a nice richness to it. It’s a classic piece that goes with everything!

I don’t know about everyone else, but there are numerous Hampton Ivy pieces that went to my husband as suggestions for Valentine’s Day (subtle I know).  You can see more of Hampton Ivy’s fantastic accessories on their Etsy, Facebook page or Instagram page.  Check them out!  A huge thanks to Melanie for answering my questions.  Wishing you all the best with Hampton Ivy!

Melanie even volunteered an equestrian bangle, the one that is her own go-to, as a giveaway to the readers!  Follow the rafflecopter link below to enter!

Women's Leather Equestrian Cuff Bracelet - Elegant Style


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