Jelly legs

Right at 7 weeks postpartem, I decided to make the seemly huge step back into the saddle.

Baby on another barn trip.

I grabbed the pony, peeled off her layers upon layers of blankets and tacked up.  I ran into a small roadblock when I tried zipping my chaps up.  Yah—-apparently baby weight is still hanging out in my calves because those suckers would not go.  So moving past that, I just decided to climb up in my riding tights and boots.  Screw the chaps.

The minute she stepped off I felt like my whole world rolled a bit! God, my balance has changed so much.  It took me half a lap to figure out how to get myself in order.  A few laps later I was feeling great!


O offered up some nice forward trot work, and I once again felt like a hot mess on her back.  Every time I bounced I reminded myself that this horse is a saint on the flat, and that it will get easier.  After a walk break, I got brave and even cantered a bit.  I laughed at myself, but honestly it was great to be riding again, however awkward.

So the first ride is in the books folks!  I’m back!! (Kinda!)  It was 10 degrees for the rest of the weekend, so hopefully this week I’ll be back at it and maybe can develop more of a plan.  It feels good to ride again.  I’m ready for fun.

Happy times last year!
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