Peace Out 2015

Last year I kicked the year off with a SWOT.  I think I’ll try that again for 2016.  Unlike many people my year can be summed up in one very long run on sentence.

We tried various techniques to try to channel O’s sudden mood change about her hunter/jumper career, but after multiple failures we send her off to my in-laws for a change of pace while I have a baby.

Ta da!  Year sum up!


Anyway, moving onto 2016.


–Badass riding family.  Trainer, vet, friends, horses, family.  They rock.

–Doctor gave me the okay to get back in the saddle!


–Complicated horse situation

–New tiny human who relies on me (not that it’s a bad thing-just something to note!)


–Horse shows if I please

–Friends who are offering to help with my horse situation, offer me other rides should I need a ride off from O

–I can ride again, for the first time in MONTHS

–Awesome riding program to jump back into


–Continued discussion about what is O’s path forward

–Continued discussion about my path forward

–Time balance between work/home/hobbies


All in all, I’m ready to take on this year and whatever it brings.  Change can be good, and I have so much to be grateful.  Life is full of twists and turns, I just need to hold on for the ride.  Thank you to everyone who has reached about with nice comments about O’s confusing situation.  I really appreciate it.


12 thoughts on “Peace Out 2015

  1. I should do one of these even just so I can think about all of the good things I have going!

    I am sure that no matter what happens with O you will end up with a great situation should it not be with her. Thinking about you!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not getting more answers about O — I know exactly how you feel! But you’re doing such a good job staying positive and being grateful for what you DO have. Reminds me that I really need to do the same 🙂 Thanks

  3. Sometimes there just doesn’t need to be a clear cut idea of what is to come. Enjoy your beautiful baby and soak up all the wonderfulness of it (it goes so fast!) and let O bring you the joys that she is capable of right now – even if it is just the pleasure of getting time to yourself to stop and smell the horses with simple hacks. What ever happens in the future with you and O will be great and there’s no hurry to get there. Happy New Year!

  4. I really like the SWOT idea – might have to try that myself, especially since I feel like I’m so behind on 2016 goals.

    Best wishes still for clarity with O

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