Epic Flail

Well I really did a number in myself this week. My whole agenda to ride a bunch in the gorgeous weather (I had lots of babysitting help available this week) has gotten sidelined.  All because of an epic kitchen fail.

Monday I wanted to make rib eye.  It’s fatty and delicious and not something we have very often.  I had veggies prepped, wine poured, skillet preheated…

Skillet preheated to 425….

Had my mom on the phone….

Husband placed skillet on stove top for steak insertion….

Tossed my steak in my pan and grabbed the handle to move it. Oh yah.  You read that right, I grabbed that cast iron skillet handle.  Cast irons don’t have rubber handles.

After doing some fabulous dance moves, and telling my mom I needed to call her back, I spent the remainder of my night and early morning with my hand in cold water.  Burns hurt like a sonofabitch, and I admit I drowned part of my pain in wine and caramels.  No regrets there.


Bonding with my bucket of cold, cold water.  

Anyway, I haven’t gotten to ride a single time this week until today! O and her brand new trimmed tootsies have been hanging out being a pretty pasture puff.

Anyone have any brilliant healing methods for hand burns?  Riding one handed isn’t ideal.

Side note: O was such a good girl today.  And I caught her snoozing in the sun.  Always adorable.

FullSizeRender (4)

Look how cute she is!

Rider (and a half)

First I must confess.  Maternity leave is a strange, strange world.  I’m definitely not used to being home as much, and man do you notice random things.  For one, shopping is SO MUCH easier during the day.  Another, I discovered the trim in my living room is actually two different shades of white.  Finally, there is no one judging as I dressed my poor kid up in a bear suit, and hauled her cute butt out to the barn a time or two during the week.


Torturing child with tummy time after a barn run.  Bear suit in all it’s glory.


The first time I went out there with her, O actually hightailed it away from me.  Guessing she wasn’t a fan of the cooing ‘belly’ I was wearing.  Baby was in a carrier, zipped into part of my coat.  After I convinced O that she wasn’t going to be eaten by baby, we have had some really nice days together.


Baby carrier-vital for hauling child around stables.

Some days I just have time to groom, rearrange blankets, and give nose kisses.  Other days I wear baby into the arena and lunge O.  Which is much easier than you’d think.  And then there are days that I bribe random people with Starbucks to watch baby sleep so I can ride.

Have I mentioned I am seriously the luckiest Mom ever?   This kid is totally chill, and as long as we have a binky for times of crisis (like when I brush too vigorously and bug her, or try to awkwardly pick out feet or tail clumps wearing her), we are good to go.  It’ll be interesting to see how baby handles barn time once she’s more aware.  Fingers crossed she keeps up the awesome-ness.


Random cuddle picture.

Anyway, more coming on recent rides, and slowly getting back into shape!

Don’t forget, Hampton Ivy giveaway closes on the 28th and will be announced on Friday!!  Get excited!


Meet Hampton Ivy Designs

A few months ago a favorite local tack store started carrying these ridiculously cute cuffs in their store.  After doing some research online I found that their maker, Hampton Ivy, has dozens of items, everything from men’s jewelry, to necklaces and more.  Many with a delightful equestrian twist!

After reading the wonderful reviews and opinions from my friends with pieces, I thought it would be great to share on the blog.  Melanie, one of the owners, was lovely to chat with, and answered a few questions for us.  Read below to get to know Hampton Ivy Designs!

1. When did Hampton Ivy Designs get started?

Hampton Ivy opened an Etsy shop and began selling in tack shops in the Spring of 2015. 

2. Whose idea was Hampton Ivy Designs?

I am majoring in advertising and marketing communications at a renowned fashion college in NYC and became interested in designing accessories. I was looking for equestrian designs with a preppy look and they were hard to find so I saw a spot that needed to be filled. I was talking with my family one night and we decided to do this as a family effort because we all love preppy design and wanted to see this niche filled. 

preppy braecelet

3. Who handles all design work and ideas behind the products?

It’s really a collaboration of myself, my 2 brothers and my mother. Each one has something special they bring. My one brother is the creative artist, the other handles the business side of things, but they both come up with mens designs too. The women’s designs are created by myself and my mother. We try to keep a modern spin on aspects of it, but stay true to traditional preppy looks first. We love creating bracelets and necklaces that honor the equestrian in us! 

4. Are you a horsewoman? If so, tell us about your equestrian life!

Yes, I come from a whole family of riders. My mother was a well known trainer on Long Island and she owned several horses throughout her life and trained students through the A circuit in hunters and jumpers. My brother was a rider too and I started riding at around 5. I’d like to find more time to ride, but right now it’s just busy with school and Hampton Ivy. But riding will always be a part of my life! 

5. Do you have a go-to or favorite item from Hampton Ivy that you yourself wear?

 I love all of our pieces of course, but I probably wear the leather cuff with the horse shoe the most. The leather is made from a very fine goat leather and is so smooth! And the horse shoe always means good luck, so of course everyone loves good luck. 🙂 Then the 18k antiqued gold finish just has such a nice richness to it. It’s a classic piece that goes with everything!

I don’t know about everyone else, but there are numerous Hampton Ivy pieces that went to my husband as suggestions for Valentine’s Day (subtle I know).  You can see more of Hampton Ivy’s fantastic accessories on their Etsy, Facebook page or Instagram page.  Check them out!  A huge thanks to Melanie for answering my questions.  Wishing you all the best with Hampton Ivy!

Melanie even volunteered an equestrian bangle, the one that is her own go-to, as a giveaway to the readers!  Follow the rafflecopter link below to enter!

Women's Leather Equestrian Cuff Bracelet - Elegant Style


Enter here! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jelly legs

Right at 7 weeks postpartem, I decided to make the seemly huge step back into the saddle.


Baby on another barn trip.

I grabbed the pony, peeled off her layers upon layers of blankets and tacked up.  I ran into a small roadblock when I tried zipping my chaps up.  Yah—-apparently baby weight is still hanging out in my calves because those suckers would not go.  So moving past that, I just decided to climb up in my riding tights and boots.  Screw the chaps.

The minute she stepped off I felt like my whole world rolled a bit! God, my balance has changed so much.  It took me half a lap to figure out how to get myself in order.  A few laps later I was feeling great!


O offered up some nice forward trot work, and I once again felt like a hot mess on her back.  Every time I bounced I reminded myself that this horse is a saint on the flat, and that it will get easier.  After a walk break, I got brave and even cantered a bit.  I laughed at myself, but honestly it was great to be riding again, however awkward.

So the first ride is in the books folks!  I’m back!! (Kinda!)  It was 10 degrees for the rest of the weekend, so hopefully this week I’ll be back at it and maybe can develop more of a plan.  It feels good to ride again.  I’m ready for fun.


Happy times last year!

Peace Out 2015

Last year I kicked the year off with a SWOT.  I think I’ll try that again for 2016.  Unlike many people my year can be summed up in one very long run on sentence.

We tried various techniques to try to channel O’s sudden mood change about her hunter/jumper career, but after multiple failures we send her off to my in-laws for a change of pace while I have a baby.

Ta da!  Year sum up!


Anyway, moving onto 2016.


–Badass riding family.  Trainer, vet, friends, horses, family.  They rock.

–Doctor gave me the okay to get back in the saddle!


–Complicated horse situation

–New tiny human who relies on me (not that it’s a bad thing-just something to note!)


–Horse shows if I please

–Friends who are offering to help with my horse situation, offer me other rides should I need a ride off from O

–I can ride again, for the first time in MONTHS

–Awesome riding program to jump back into


–Continued discussion about what is O’s path forward

–Continued discussion about my path forward

–Time balance between work/home/hobbies


All in all, I’m ready to take on this year and whatever it brings.  Change can be good, and I have so much to be grateful.  Life is full of twists and turns, I just need to hold on for the ride.  Thank you to everyone who has reached about with nice comments about O’s confusing situation.  I really appreciate it.