Thinking Forward to 2016

Most people will be wrapping up their yearly goals pretty soon, but since my goals for the next few weeks include:

  1. Having a baby
  2. Surviving having a baby
  3. Learning how to life with a baby

I figure I get to go ahead and skip ahead a bit.  While I am doing the above 3 things, O will be most likely get training rides from trainer, and hacks either from other adult ammies or the assistants at my stable.  We want to be sure that we give her every single opportunity to start with a clean slate, and to prove to everyone that she can be reasonable.  AKA, not a dirty-stopping ride like she was being this spring.


Looking at 2016, I see lots of smaller shows in our future.  If she comes back ready to work, we may hop back in at 2’6” and see how she feels.  I’m not willing to pay to ship her out somewhere if I don’t know if we are going to make it around a course, or, God forbid, if we were to fry her brain again.  Prior to her mental meltdown we were looking at the 2’9” and 3′ classes, but I am more than fine with taking it easy.

Also on the agenda:

  1. Trail rides
  2. Western outings/rides
  3. Learning some tricks
  4. Anything else fun I can weasel my way into
More western rides.  Because why not?
More western rides (in English bridles). Because why not?
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