Home Again

My little bay horse hopped off the trailer bright eyed and happy.  She traveled well, as usual, and they said she “talked” a bit the whole way home.  After we said our thank yous for the amazing care and riding that my in-laws gave her, it was just me and O.

I decided that even if I didn’t have the hand strength today (giant swollen finger alert) that I was at least going to give her a nice grooming and start taking her mane back up to the “English” length I usually try to keep it.  She gave me a side eye over the scissors, but seemed to be settled right back in.

After cuddles, and grooming I let her go back outside with her old friends.  There was minimal squealing or any signs of nastiness.  Really she just trotted around like she was queen of the world before settling down to graze.  In the end, it was rather anti-climatic, which I’m a-okay with.

This week her agenda is to settle in, get a ride from my assistant trainer, and maybe some hacks from friends.  We wanted to keep it relaxed and ease her back into this lifestyle.  Very excited to see how she does!

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