Aloof No More

Over the past 5 months of O living at the ranch I’ve tried my hardest to be an unbiased, focused on the end goal type of owner.  She needed a mental break, physically I wasn’t 100%.  This made sense.  This was the right thing.  If anything I feel like I’ve been very aloof with the while thing.

Today my in-laws surprised me by asking if O could come back today versus next weekend.  Of course I agreed, set up the details and hopped off the phone.  And promptly made it 5 minutes before I started texting everyone that my horse was coming back!  I was literally shaking, bouncing around the house with excitement.  As soon as I got those confirmation messages that her spot was waiting for her, and that it was really happening…it felt exactly like Christmas.  And then of course, I started crying.  Because as much as I want to be aloof, as much as I want to be unbiased, more than anything I really, really just want my horse back.  I need her, I missed her.  

I hope this is our shot, and that everything goes smoothly over the next 6 months.  Because I just adore her.  I cannot wait to have her here!  

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