Party of 3

Our family has now grown to include our brand new little girl.  She’s just perfect and everyone is doing fantastic.  I’m loving the extra time with family around the holidays.  For now, the blog may be a bit slow since I want to soak up all the time I can with baby girl.  Thank you for all your support!

Upcoming posts:

  • Noble Outfitters Review
  • Baby meets O
  • Update on O’s training program


Thinking Forward to 2016

Most people will be wrapping up their yearly goals pretty soon, but since my goals for the next few weeks include:

  1. Having a baby
  2. Surviving having a baby
  3. Learning how to life with a baby

I figure I get to go ahead and skip ahead a bit.  While I am doing the above 3 things, O will be most likely get training rides from trainer, and hacks either from other adult ammies or the assistants at my stable.  We want to be sure that we give her every single opportunity to start with a clean slate, and to prove to everyone that she can be reasonable.  AKA, not a dirty-stopping ride like she was being this spring.


Looking at 2016, I see lots of smaller shows in our future.  If she comes back ready to work, we may hop back in at 2’6” and see how she feels.  I’m not willing to pay to ship her out somewhere if I don’t know if we are going to make it around a course, or, God forbid, if we were to fry her brain again.  Prior to her mental meltdown we were looking at the 2’9” and 3′ classes, but I am more than fine with taking it easy.

Also on the agenda:

  1. Trail rides
  2. Western outings/rides
  3. Learning some tricks
  4. Anything else fun I can weasel my way into
More western rides.  Because why not?

More western rides (in English bridles). Because why not?

Home Again

My little bay horse hopped off the trailer bright eyed and happy.  She traveled well, as usual, and they said she “talked” a bit the whole way home.  After we said our thank yous for the amazing care and riding that my in-laws gave her, it was just me and O.

I decided that even if I didn’t have the hand strength today (giant swollen finger alert) that I was at least going to give her a nice grooming and start taking her mane back up to the “English” length I usually try to keep it.  She gave me a side eye over the scissors, but seemed to be settled right back in.

After cuddles, and grooming I let her go back outside with her old friends.  There was minimal squealing or any signs of nastiness.  Really she just trotted around like she was queen of the world before settling down to graze.  In the end, it was rather anti-climatic, which I’m a-okay with.

This week her agenda is to settle in, get a ride from my assistant trainer, and maybe some hacks from friends.  We wanted to keep it relaxed and ease her back into this lifestyle.  Very excited to see how she does!

Aloof No More

Over the past 5 months of O living at the ranch I’ve tried my hardest to be an unbiased, focused on the end goal type of owner.  She needed a mental break, physically I wasn’t 100%.  This made sense.  This was the right thing.  If anything I feel like I’ve been very aloof with the while thing.

Today my in-laws surprised me by asking if O could come back today versus next weekend.  Of course I agreed, set up the details and hopped off the phone.  And promptly made it 5 minutes before I started texting everyone that my horse was coming back!  I was literally shaking, bouncing around the house with excitement.  As soon as I got those confirmation messages that her spot was waiting for her, and that it was really happening…it felt exactly like Christmas.  And then of course, I started crying.  Because as much as I want to be aloof, as much as I want to be unbiased, more than anything I really, really just want my horse back.  I need her, I missed her.  

I hope this is our shot, and that everything goes smoothly over the next 6 months.  Because I just adore her.  I cannot wait to have her here!