The Pregnant Version of Me

When I was younger I had no idea how being pregnant affects your habits.  Yes, the stereotypical pickles and ice cream is assumed, but it is much more than that.  Here’s a short list of some of the quirks or changes I’ve noticed over the past 30 odd weeks.

Weird obsessions Nesting:

One day I felt like our refrigerator was dirty.  So I proceeded to remove everything from it, including the actual shelves and such, and scrubbed it from top to bottom.  Then I organized everything from condiments to water bottles by food type (Asian, lunch prep, etc.).  My husband came into the room during this spree, and was a wise man to simply take a snack and go hide in the basement.


I’ve always liked strawberries.  That doesn’t even partially cover what I have going now.  Right now in my house I have the following strawberry flavored items–

Strawberry soda

Strawberry jam

Strawberry hard candy

Strawberry bread (homemade–thanks Mom!)

Strawberry fruit snacks

Strawberry poptarts

Strawberry purée so I can make non-strawberry drinks strawberry

Repeat offender- craving/meal?

Chicken nuggets.  Or ramen noodles.  No idea why they sound good, but they always sound good.  I’d put the hurt on some chicken nuggets right now.


Potatoes.  Unless deep fried, salted and called French fries.

Worst symptom:

Tie between the swelling in my hands and feet which makes me feel really awkward, and the ridiculous middle of the night heartburn I’ve picked up lately.  It suckksss.  I’d like to see my ankle bone again someday.  If anything to stuff it in my finally broken in tall boots.  Right now those suckers wouldn’t even come close to fitting.

Best symptom:

For the most part right now, I’m super chill about…well…pretty much everything.  Usually I (and can admit this) can be a bit high strung about certain things.  Not sure if I don’t have the energy, or my hormones are just busy doing other things, but I like my new mellow outlook on life.

Also, people are super nice to you when you are pregnant.

Random pony pic to break up text wall.
Random pony pic to break up text wall.

Hitting 34 weeks was a big deal to me, and with less than two months until Baby gets here I’m starting to get so excited to be un-pregnant again.  Plus starting to think realistically about riding again gets me pumped up!  It’s going to be a lot of change, but I’m feeling pretty good about figuring it all out.  For now, bring on the strawberry poptarts!

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