5 Things I Do Not Miss About Not Riding

Sitting here over 8 months pregnant, I’m trying to stay on the brighter side of things regarding my recent absences from riding. This list took me forever to figure out, which I consider a good thing.

Missing this.
Missing this

But not missing…..

  1. Spastic midwestern weather.  Seriously it has been 96 degrees one day, 60 and pouring rain the next.  At least I don’t have to stress about arranging my rides around the crazy weather.
  2. My tack can all come inside and be safe from mold, outdoors, or whatever the fall brings.  I’m planning a cleaning to put all before it to shame.  Then they will be neatly packed away until O comes back later this fall.
  3. Business/personal/family time commitment breakdown.  While I miss riding, it’s been really easy to lavish attention on my family, my career, friends, and prepping for the baby right now.
  4. My car is really clean!
  5. I haven’t seen a vet bill since June.
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