NHW: Challenge Contest

NHW asks us to talk about a challenge we’ve set for ourselves and accomplished, or set ourselves a new challenge.

I feel like I may be cheating, but I’m setting up 2016, as the year of challenges.  Not exactly on purpose, but there will be plenty to choose from.  Here are some of my heavy hitters:

  1. Bring O back to KC, and get her back into a program that works for us.
  2. Recover from having a baby.
  3. Make it to at least one horse show between Jan.-May 2016.
More horse shows please.
More horse shows please.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride I think, as the 2nd challenge will directly (and dramatically) affect the 1st, 3rd.  Realistically though I think it’s really good to line things out, so no matter how crazy they get, I can fall back on these.  Thanks for the hop and writing material No Hour Wasted!

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