Mint Green and Navy Coming to a Nursery Near Me

My horse is 2.5 hours away being a ranch pony.

I’m too rotund to squeeze into my breeches.

So I’m contenting myself with vast amounts of internet hunting for baby stuff.  And of course, I whipped up a quick little mood board thing for the nursery.  The hubs is allllllll over the decor/building portion of her life (I cook the baby, he handles the manual labor).  As of right now, her room is painted, crib and dresser built, and random decor items has started to collect in the space.  It’s getting real folks!

I thought I’d share my ideas for the nursery.  I’m in love with the bright, minty green that her room is  painted!  Obviously her name will not be Henry. Just stole the image to help sooth my nesting mind.

PowerPoint Presentation

The sheets and accents will be stars.  Neither the hubs or I found some of the already put together themes (owls, zoo animals, anchors) to be a great fit, so we are just pulling stuff together ourselves.  Thank god for Amazon.
Bonus points if you can figure out where the quote is from!  There will be several in the room a few other small touches from that same reference to help ease our nerdy tendencies.

Only 2 and a half months to go!

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