7 Things I Miss While Not Riding

  1. The breeches/pants/attire.  I know it may sound odd, but I live in business wear from 8-5, then go home and put on sweatpants nowadays.  I miss my lovely, comfortable breeches that both fit and make me feel good!  
    I miss you breeches.  Sweatvest, I'm impartial to you at the moment.
    I miss you breeches. Sweatvest, I’m impartial to you at the moment.
  2. Obviously there are a few more circumstances behind this one, but I hate being so out of shape.
  3. My poor saddle is dirty…scratch that….my entire trove of tack needs some soapy love.  Bad me.  I think I evicted a clan of spiders from their homes, when I came for my schooling bridle the other day.
  4. The people!  I miss hanging with the other horse crazy people of the world; makes me feel normal and all that.
    Horse people are crazy....but we are crazy together!
    Horse people are crazy….but we are crazy together!
  5. I miss being coached!
  6. I miss the shopping! Riding warehouse, local tack stores, smartpak, interwebz: I will be coming for you in 2016!  It’s hard to shop when your horse is on probation and I have no idea what sizes I’ll be needing. 
  7. I miss my horse.
    snap2 (2)
    Enjoy this horrible, blurry screenshot.
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