Out of the Tack

This weekend I made the call that I’d been dreading for the past 5 plus months.  I called and opted out of our lesson program until after DaBaby.

People told me I’d know when it wasn’t a good idea anymore.  In the past 2-3 weeks I’ve gotten a lot bigger (like you are supposed to at this stage), but what I didn’t realize is how much stress that puts on your body.  My feet, ankles and hips are feeling it the worst.  All of which are vital to actually working in the saddle.

After being sore from just walking around yesterday, I’m ready to step down.  No need to waste money on lessons where I’m just stressing my body out further.  Maybe it’d be different if I had a horse all the time, but less riding time means I got less fit fast.

Anyway, I’m hoping to still bum the occasionally walk ride off of my trainer or barn family, but I’m moving to the bench for now.

You’ll obviously notice the blog will slow down with less riding and such, but know that I’m following along with all of you still!  And of course I’ve still got updates from the O-pony to share.  Thanks for reading along!


17 thoughts on “Out of the Tack

  1. kinda a bummer that you won’t be riding much for a little while, but also kinda an exciting development. in any case, the ponies will still be there when you’re ready to ride again!

  2. You will be back in no time!!

    When prego, I totally got to a point where I knew I wasn’t being productive in lessons so I had to step back – your body knows best 🙂

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