Mint Green and Navy Coming to a Nursery Near Me

My horse is 2.5 hours away being a ranch pony.

I’m too rotund to squeeze into my breeches.

So I’m contenting myself with vast amounts of internet hunting for baby stuff.  And of course, I whipped up a quick little mood board thing for the nursery.  The hubs is allllllll over the decor/building portion of her life (I cook the baby, he handles the manual labor).  As of right now, her room is painted, crib and dresser built, and random decor items has started to collect in the space.  It’s getting real folks!

I thought I’d share my ideas for the nursery.  I’m in love with the bright, minty green that her room is  painted!  Obviously her name will not be Henry. Just stole the image to help sooth my nesting mind.

PowerPoint Presentation

The sheets and accents will be stars.  Neither the hubs or I found some of the already put together themes (owls, zoo animals, anchors) to be a great fit, so we are just pulling stuff together ourselves.  Thank god for Amazon.
Bonus points if you can figure out where the quote is from!  There will be several in the room a few other small touches from that same reference to help ease our nerdy tendencies.

Only 2 and a half months to go!

7 Things I Miss While Not Riding

  1. The breeches/pants/attire.  I know it may sound odd, but I live in business wear from 8-5, then go home and put on sweatpants nowadays.  I miss my lovely, comfortable breeches that both fit and make me feel good!  
    I miss you breeches.  Sweatvest, I'm impartial to you at the moment.

    I miss you breeches. Sweatvest, I’m impartial to you at the moment.

  2. Obviously there are a few more circumstances behind this one, but I hate being so out of shape.
  3. My poor saddle is dirty…scratch that….my entire trove of tack needs some soapy love.  Bad me.  I think I evicted a clan of spiders from their homes, when I came for my schooling bridle the other day.
  4. The people!  I miss hanging with the other horse crazy people of the world; makes me feel normal and all that.
    Horse people are crazy....but we are crazy together!

    Horse people are crazy….but we are crazy together!

  5. I miss being coached!
  6. I miss the shopping! Riding warehouse, local tack stores, smartpak, interwebz: I will be coming for you in 2016!  It’s hard to shop when your horse is on probation and I have no idea what sizes I’ll be needing. 
  7. I miss my horse.
    snap2 (2)

    Enjoy this horrible, blurry screenshot.

25 Moments in 25 Years

Today is my last day of being 25.  While I’m not someone to get wrapped around the axle about getting old (yet), I would like to spend a minute going over some unique moments, and accomplishments that stand out in the first quarter century of my life.  Some things are horse related, some just personal fun, but either way I think it’s a great way to celebrate my almost birthday with pictures and memories.

  • Married the man of my dreams. Macy 580
  • I graduated college with both the major and minor I wanted in 3.5 years.
  • I traveled to the Caribbean a few times, and even went parasailing.
  • I worked in sports, even if I hated every minute (totaling 360 hours–I counted).
working at the t-bones military day 2008

We had a Military night, it was really cool.

  • I worked in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina as a volunteer.
  • I joined an amazing sorority, and found friends that I continue to love and cherish every day.

  • I get to work for a wonderful company who occasionally ships me to places that look like this.
Getting my tan on with the ducks!

Getting my tan on with the ducks!

  • My family and I rescued a skinny dun mare that no one else wanted.  Turned her into a fat, happy trail pony.

  • I went against my own better sense (and my husbands) and bought a funny little bay mare named Olive.
  • I gained an amazing set of in-laws.
  • I tried out for the swim team and hated it so much I cut myself from the roster.
  • I once ran all the way from the college bar scene, to my house off campus in the middle of the night alone, because my then boyfriend pissed me off.  Barefoot.
  • I had the absolute cutest, best dog a little girl could have growing up.
She was the cutest!

She was the cutest!

  • The only time I’ve been dumped?  The night before high school graduation.  It wasn’t pretty.
  • I worked for my former hunter/jumper trainer and his crew for almost 7 years.
Best job ever!

Ponies, ponies and more ponies.

  • I have owned the same car since it was given to me for my 16th birthday.
  • I asked for a pony, a horse, or riding lessons every birthday that I can remember.  When I turned 11 my parents agreed to 3 lessons.  The rule was western only-NO JUMPING.  14+ years later, here we are.
  • I’ve never mentioned this, but as far as unique pets: we’ve had California king snakes, a hedgehog (named Mad Max), and some parakeets.
  • A lovely chestnut mare with a confusing name stole my heart when I was 13, and I got to see her again when I was 22.  Sometimes the world turns in wonderful ways.
After one of our horse shows.

We were both babies here.

  • I was (am?) a girl scout, and graduated with a Gold Award.
  • I got to show my own horse for the first time at age 24.


  • My one and only ambulance ride was fairly anti-climatic.  We discussed and how to work the EMT’s new tablet.
  • By age 14 I was taller than my mother and my brother….and the average American male.
  • I was hit by an SUV at age 6, then got up and ran away because the woman in the car wouldn’t stop screaming.  It was terrifying.  And yes, the driver chased me down.
  • DaBaby Macy will be joining the party Nov. 2016.


I’d say I’ve had a pretty fantastic first 25!  Year 26, here we go!

Blog Hop: It’s Ok to be Weird

Kaitlyn from Something to Talk About has a really fun photo blog hop going on, and since I’m getting exactly zero saddle time…I hope you enjoy!

Show me some silly moments of you and your horse! (disclaimer, mostly these are of O, I’m always the one behind the camera – enjoy anyway!)

photo 5 (9)

Tongue curl!

Tongue curl!

Mare is unsure about hubs.

Mare is clearly unsure about hubs.

Getting swept off her feet, literally. This is why bucking on the lunge is not smart horse.

Getting swept off her feet, literally. This is why bucking on the lunge is not smart horse.

Totes meant to do that.

Totes meant to do that.

Horse shimmy.

Horse shimmy.

Special girl.

Special girl.

Clearly bored.

Clearly bored.

Conformation shot fail.

Conformation shot fail.

No kisses for me.

AHH!  No kisses for me.

Workaholic here.

Just loose in the ring, checking out the grid.

She gets into everything.

She gets into everything.

Evil mare look.

Evil mare look.

Licking the unsuspecting bench.

Licking the unsuspecting bench.

Olivia at DIY Horse Ownership is celebrating 200 posts with a great giveaway!  Check it out here:

Out of the Tack

This weekend I made the call that I’d been dreading for the past 5 plus months.  I called and opted out of our lesson program until after DaBaby.

People told me I’d know when it wasn’t a good idea anymore.  In the past 2-3 weeks I’ve gotten a lot bigger (like you are supposed to at this stage), but what I didn’t realize is how much stress that puts on your body.  My feet, ankles and hips are feeling it the worst.  All of which are vital to actually working in the saddle.

After being sore from just walking around yesterday, I’m ready to step down.  No need to waste money on lessons where I’m just stressing my body out further.  Maybe it’d be different if I had a horse all the time, but less riding time means I got less fit fast.

Anyway, I’m hoping to still bum the occasionally walk ride off of my trainer or barn family, but I’m moving to the bench for now.

You’ll obviously notice the blog will slow down with less riding and such, but know that I’m following along with all of you still!  And of course I’ve still got updates from the O-pony to share.  Thanks for reading along!