Over Half Baked

It’s official.  I’m struggling a bit to ride.

I always assumed it would be balance, or pain that would slow me down.  In reality it’s that I cannot catch my breath.  As DaBaby moves up in my torso, it pretty much squishes my lungs into uselessness.  This past week was the first time that I really noticed it and since there’s not a lot I can do to help, I’m going to have to learn to live with that for now.  It is sad, that even while looking only ‘a little bit pregnant’ according to my riding friends, I definitely feel the change in body more each week.

My big aim is to make it to 28 weeks, or 7 months, before having to exit the lesson program.  Maybe even a few weeks after if I can find something to just let me toodle around on it.  We shall see, that’s only a few weeks from now.

In light of my first 6 months of being a human oven I thought I would share just a few funny and interesting things I’ve noticed about being pregnant and still riding.

1. About 20 weeks I realized that I am officially top heavy, and bending over to pick out feet I often wobble/have to take a step forwards.  Awkward weight distribution for the win there.

2. My riding tights do not fit comfortably under the belly.  So they must go over.  I feel like this:

So attractive

3. Side zip breeches are not a great solution while pregnant as I couldn’t figure out away to use the hairband trick or anything else in my arsenal to extend them.  They were an early loss to the belly.

4. Funny but true: cantering sometimes makes me feel like I have to go pee really freaking bad.  Do I really?  Nope.  Ask me how many times I got off before I figured out it’s just something about that motion.

5. Baby does not move at all while I’m riding.  One of the few times it’s not bouncing around!  I’ve decided it’s because they love it and clearly want me to keep riding.

6. I’m real awkward getting off the horse.  Getting on = easy peasy.  Getting off the horse is a whole other issue.  I have to do this half twist sliding thing with my body.  My fellow riders find it pretty fun to watch.  I’m sure that is only going to continue to get worse!

Right around 3 months pregnant here.
Right around 3 months pregnant here.

7. I’ve said it before, I’m sure I’ll say it again.  Lesson horses are worth their weight in gold….times 10.  Honestly I could not have continued to ride if it weren’t for the tried and true schoolies who have carted me safely around these past few months.  They are a godsend.

8. Not totally horse related, just  funny: even just sticking out a little from the norm, I feel like I bump into everything.  Horses, my saddle while I’m tightening the girth, my closet door etc.  I was never graceful to begin with, but wow, it’s weird.

I’ve been so incredibly lucky with the first half of this pregnancy, and I have been enjoying every minute possible in the saddle.  My Mother-in-law rode up until right before she had the hubs.  And my friend lasted into her 7th month in the middle of the summer.  So far the only issue I’ve had is working too hard, and making my core (what’s left of it) hurt.  I just avoid lots of cantering/sitting trot work, and so far so good.  Plus, I’m already excited to start making plans about getting back into the saddle after baby!

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