Lean Back

I’m a chronic ‘lean forward’ rider.

PC: She Moved to Texas Ride: The fantastic nerd horse.

PC: She Moved to Texas Ride: The fantastic nerd horse.



It’s not my favorite habit, but it also hasn’t proved to be especially disastrous (yet).  And I do tend to be much better whilst jumping.  So it kind of fell to the ‘eh, it’s her thing’ part of the FIx Someday list.

Then my horse started stopping, got sent to the ranch for brain washing good times, and I ended up riding anything and everything I could get my preggo hands on.  Last night in my lesson I was riding a solid as a rock schoolie, and I just happened to glance in the mirrors.  Dear God, I wasn’t leaning up at him.  My back was perfectly flat, and for once my elbows actually bent in the correct spot.  I was leaning back.

My trainer loved it.  She agreed that because my balance has shifted forwards with the weight of my new (and very funny) bump, I seem to be overcompensating by leaning way back.  BUT IT LOOKS SO NICE!!  So we just want me to continue to ride and lesson as much as possible right now so perhaps we can start a new, correct upper body habit.  I know that it would definitely help O as well.

And look–I didn’t always lean forwards!  This is me playing jumper at age 17 or so?

I used to not learn forward....

Trainer also commented that my eq is really looking nice, and that when O comes back and I’m back in the tack that we should be sure I get more rides on other horses still.  I seem to benefit from the change in pace!  Yay for great lessons and continuing to feel great in the saddle!

15 thoughts on “Lean Back

  1. Person: “Why did you have a baby”
    Rider: “well It really helped my eq”

    Haha! 😉 glad the bump is shifting your balance. Maybe it will Carry over post baby.

  2. huh what an interesting development – but i can totally see how that would happen!! i’m a leaner too, unless i’m driving too much with that seat. can’t seem to find the happy medium. very cool tho!

  3. That’s awesome! I am more of a “lean back”er, when I sit properly I feel like I”m tipped forward… myabe I need to have a baby to sort myself out 😛

  4. I need to break my lean forward habit too… I think when you get a horse that makes you nervous you just kind of get into that habit. IHSA taught me that habit, because all of the horses (I got to ride anyway) were nut jobs. It’s not what you SHOULD do when you have an unpredictable horse, it’s just what your body wants to do (fetal position!)- but like everything in riding, the correct thing is counter-intuitive to what your body naturally likes doing… neat way to correct your position haha

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