The Short and Sweet

Stephanie, I hope you don’t hate, but I am stealing your fantastic Friday five idea today.

Crazy week at work, no pony in city to ride=short and sweet updates.

1. I have located another lovely catch-ride for the next week.  He is a gorgeous hunk of Argentinian warmblood.  If he was human, guessing he’d look a lot like this.

Why hello Mariano Andújar.
2. I’ve learned heat and being knocked up, yah they suck together.  Trying to rethink my riding schedule a bit to deal with it.

3. O is spending her first week as a ‘legit’ ranch pony this week working cattle.  I have no idea how it’s going so far.  Full report after this weekend.

4. I miss riding on a more regular basis…it’s really affecting my ability to keep up with my eq and overall strength in the tack.  Maybe that’s DaBaby screwing with me a bit too, but still, it’s hard to come to grips with.

5. Guess who gets to go see her pony this weekend!??


Also, doing a gender reveal for my in-laws.  But ya know.  O will be there too.  <3

Bonus: Karley is doing a fantastic contest over on her blog!  Go check it out!

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