Back to the Schoolies

As someone who bounced from horse to horse a lot as a kid, I have a deep appreciation for school horses.  Or schoolies as well call them.  Since I became temporarily horseless, and am cooking a baby I was in desperate need for something trustworthy and still enjoyable.  My trainer promised she would find something safe for me until a time where O comes back or when I can no longer figure out how to get off the horse (getting on is the easy part I hear).

Three of us in this photo!
Three of us in this photo!

So the past two weeks I’ve taken lessons on a sweet-as-pie, slow-as-molasses schoolie.  And I’ve had a ball. It’s been a few months since I’ve really been able to focus on myself, and boy was it brutal.  Sitting trot, lengthenings, more sitting trot, working on compressing the stride and then opening it back up.  We were like 20 minutes in and I was exhausted.  It may have partially been because I needed a stick with this schoolie, and there are only so many ways to bust out the pony kicks before your body gets tired of it.  Anyway, I felt like I really got to drill the good stuff, work on my shoulders, my wrists and opening my chest at the sitting trot (yuck posture).

Lessons learned though, those schoolies totally have your number!  This one even tried to chomp my butt when I was picking his feet.  I’m not sure who was more offended: me, when I realized what he was about to do, or him because I actually managed to get out of his way.

photo 5 (12)

Either way, I’m missing my pony, and having something to ride whenever I’d like, but I’m so grateful to still be out there riding and learning in the meantime. I know that this is really good for me.

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