Calling for Reinforcements

If you asked me 6 months ago if I would be in the situation with O that I am now, I would laugh hysterically.  My horse?  A spooky stopper?  Hell, I probably would’ve joked that my quiet little mare wouldn’t have the energy or interest to try to unseat anyone.

The best at innocent looks.

The best at innocent looks.

And then she dumped one person….and another…  My trainer was sick and tired of watching our rides fall to pieces, and pretty much told me flat out that O needs something we obviously aren’t giving her.

So I called in the reinforcements.

Or rather, my in-laws.

Unlike the typical rom-com stereotype, I adore my in-laws and value their opinions in all matters.  Their advice and knowledge of horses is a wonderful perk to have in the family.  They raise, train, and work all of their own horses and commonly keep a herd of 8-14 horses around to help work on their ranch.  My husbands grandfather was a quarter horse breeder, and obviously his father is my farrier-in-law that commonly swoops in to help with O’s feet.

Anyway, maybe you are guessing where this is going….but the final answer is that last week O left for the ranch to spend a few months getting reacquainted with some basics, and to decompress from her stopping issues.  I do hate that I’m turning her life upside down, but maybe that what she needs.

Still my favorite trotting picture of her, of all time.

Still my favorite trotting picture of her, of all time.

My husband always says that horses need have a job, and O’s is to be my partner, and do what I ask (within reason).  Currently she is flat our refusing to do her job.  The in-laws are hoping to let her have a mixture of time to be a horse and de-stress, and be adjusted to a riding lifestyle that will not tolerate her new found attitude and resistance in regards to what her rider is asking.  So basically she’s having a summer long come-to-Jesus moment about who is in charge.

Her new roomies at the ranch will include my husband’s mare, which I think is kind of cute.  O traveled and arrived well, and is still separated from the bulk of the horses as to properly introduce her.  I really, really hope this is what she needs.  A chance to hit reset on some of her training, and to learn confidence in herself and her riders.  Plus I know she is well looked after by a group of amazing riders.


25 thoughts on “Calling for Reinforcements

  1. That is awesome! how wonderful for you that you have such a great resource — and it is family! Sounds like you are doing everything right by O. Hope this sorts everything out for you two!

  2. I’m EQUINESNOB, and I support this message!!
    Seriously, this does sound like exactly the thing to give her some perspective. I really look forward to the updates!
    And, as always, the offer to come ride Fancy Pony stands open! πŸ˜‰

  3. If I can offer any reassurance, don’t worry too much about turning her life upside down. I get new horses sent to me almost every 8 weeks, and usually everything is different for them. Apart from a completely new environment, most have never encountered dogs, geese, cows, electric fences, constant human interaction, fly masks, blanketed horses, grooming, regular work, or even having to eat hay! Some have hardly been handled, most have never been on a trailer ride before. And all of them have been just fine. They might have one unsettled night, but usually by morning they’re tucking into their hay and look pretty much at home. She’ll be okay. πŸ™‚

  4. You know, I bet this will make a huge difference! I think it’s a fabulous idea and pretty good timing for boot camp all things considered πŸ™‚

  5. so i actually really love this idea! and it seems to be great timing on so many different levels for you two right now. fingers crossed it all works out (and i remain forever jealous of your amazing horsey family lol)

  6. I’ve known two horses to get a cowboy reboot and it did them both a lot of good. I hope your girl has the same experience. Fingers crossed for you guys!

  7. Sounds like a good plan. How lucky that you are able to send her somewhere that is totally different, but that you have already established trust with the people. I hope it works out!

  8. It’s awesome you have family that can support you in this, and I think it’s adorable that O is out with your hubby’s mare too! Hopefully this little working vacation and readjustment helps O remember what her job is and get her head back in the game so that baby can enjoy her for many years to come.

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