The Good News

Thank you all for the congrats and well wishes on the DaBaby! My husband and I are thrilled.  We laughed, but thought it was rather fitting that after all this my trainer was the first person we told about me being pregnant.  She was and continues to be so incredibly excited for us, but we pretty much immediately had to address my riding situation.  The general rule is no jumping while preggo and it worked out as she said she was wanting to ground O anyway (for some attitude adjustments), so it worked out-two birds one stone.

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What we don’t want.
What we want.
What we want.
See I found out I was pregnant right after that one time O decided that she wasn’t in the mood to jump at horse shows. So my trainer and I both started trying out lots of ideas on how to improve her confidence, and ridability with the intention to get her back over fences (with someone else on her) by this fall so I could hop back on as soon as I’m ready this winter.  Obviously we then battled over a month of super ouch footsore issues.  So that was fun.  We are still looking into ways to rally and find a new path for O so that we can be successful together.

But the good side of things?  I feel awesome!  Riding feels great still, and I’m going to ride as much as I can until it’s just not possible anymore.  I do huff and puff a lot more, which isn’t the most flattering, but overall it still feels amazing to be on a horse.  Really it’s one of the places I can still feel like me, and like normal which is completely necessary.  It was a tiny bit sad this week when I couldn’t fit into my Tailoreds anymore….so I may have to get creative on wardrobe choices.  We shall see!  

Thanks again for all the support!  Your well wishes meant so much.  

Kerrits Ladies Ice Fil Tech Tights
Hello stretchy pants, you are in my future.
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