Riding Mentality

To cut to the chase, this week has sucked.  I feel like bad news had a baby with bad luck and together they made this week.  Horses are sick, being an adult is hard, people are sick, people suck, and somehow I’m just chilling in the middle of it feeling sorry for myself.

So here’s my question.  Where do you draw the line on whether mentally you are fit to ride? BEspecially with a mare, or a sensitive horse, putting yourself in the tack when your mind isn’t in the right spot can be so much worse than not riding.  So opted to not even try.

 I went out last night and didn’t even bother putting on riding clothes.  Instead I grabbed my mud covered beast from her pasture, groomed the heck out of her, and made her pose for pictures.  I was in absolutely no state to be on her back.


O joined my pity party with gusto and allowed me to console myself by shoving treats down her throat and asking her why life was so frickin’ complicated sometimes.  Although she had no answers for my life questions, she looked cute and chomped grass in a rather sympathetic way.  I can’t ask for more than that.  Cheers to a long weekend and new week!  


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