Quiet Sundays

I imagine that all barns have a ‘quiet’ time when there seems to be less horses and less crazy happening.  Since I work 8-5, I rarely get to enjoy these moments.  Somehow this Sunday I got to the stable before anyone else, and was able to lavish attention on, groom and tack up before another soul showed up.  Well minus this guy…he was obviously a bit lost.

He was just checking out the facilities.

Anyway, I was able to hop on with another adult rider and get my walk/trot work in before the crazy started.  O was quiet, lazy in the humidity and seemingly sound!  I pushed her a bit more today, and now we’ll see how she recovers tomorrow.  Overall, she feels good, but I will say the time off has made her a little sour towards “hard” work, so I definitely got my exercise too!

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