I’ll Take It

It happened ya’ll!  I rode my horse!  

Yes, it was only at the walk and trot, but hot damn it felt great.  It was perfect weather, fun people were all out riding, and after seeing her lunge a bit Trainer cleared her to start some light work!  

She’s still landing a bit funny every few steps, as if trying to protecting the foot.  But now it’s so minor we don’t know if it actually hurts or she has just been doing it for almost a month and doesn’t realize it won’t hurt anymore.  And it’s so SO much better than even just last week.  

Either way, we both know that my horse does better with work.  She actually felt pretty great most of our ride.  She was forward, pretty relaxed for not being ridden in 3+ weeks and behaved like a rockstar.  I didn’t do much, but I also couldn’t stop smiling.  Progress people, I’ll take it.

she rocks at selfies
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