Life With Less Horse Time

This past month or so of having less riding and horse orientated time either from us trying to give O a bit of a mental/physical break.  And let me tell you.  It’s really weird.

Cutest girl.

Cutest girl.

Sometimes I have wondered, which I hope is normal, how much more time I’d have if I wasn’t involved with horses.  Would I have another less stressful-expensive-timely hobby?  Would I be a better wife or friend?  Would I actually have time to clean my poor house?

Pretty sure I can give a resounding ‘nope’ to all of those.  What I’ve done with my extra time…bought horse stuff, researched horse stuff, thought about my horse, stared at my horse, talked to my husband about my horse, and blatantly ignored my house.

So we can work on my crazy wrists and our upward transitions more.

So we can work on my crazy wrists and our upward transitions more.

While in some ways I appreciate having a little extra time to myself, but more than anything I miss the horse time.  I am really hoping we get the official ‘all clear’ this week so she can start getting back into work.  God knows I’m not getting any cleaning done.

16 thoughts on “Life With Less Horse Time

  1. I’ve had much less horse time due to rain and no indoor! Life sucks pretty hard right now. 😦
    On the other hand, I still don’t have enough time, and my house isn;t any cleaner, either! LOL

  2. I had a perios like this towards the end of last summer when my horse was getting half her thyroid out…it was so weird! I did go to the gym more, but I definitely did not clean more.

  3. That’s the weird part about less horse time: at first, you’re all like “No, no, it’s good to take some time off. I’ll clean the house! I’ll exercise more! I’ll save money!” A week or two later, you’re desperately fishing horse hair out of the washing machine before your husband comes home and hiding the receipt from the new pair of breeches you bought, all while wondering if you REALLY need to exercise. I mean, not that I’d know…

  4. I hear you about the time commitments…. I have been ‘attempting’ to get back on a 6am riding schedule. I did it last year and I found I spent much more quality time with DH and life was generally more relaxing after getting home from work. But someone needs to tell my body that 6am isn’t ‘deadtime’…. Best of luck with mare’s tootsies!

  5. haha i kinda love this post! so many ppl asked what i was gonna do with all my free time while my horse was quarantined and all i could do was stare blankly in return… (and no i did not clean my house either lol)

  6. I think we all have those thoughts! But mine is more like, “OMG I would have so much money if I didn’t have a horse! Then I could get Tredstep Donatello’s, new breeches, that bridle I have been eyeing, and….oh, wait….” Yeah, never mind ;).

  7. I know that feeling, I always used to wonder but what if i had more time to do stuff, but now i’m spending less time at my stables i’m constantly thinking about horses and missing being there and nothing else seems to grab my attention.

  8. I wonder less about what I’d do with my free time if I didn’t have horses and more about what I’d do with all that extra money! Travel more, for sure but I think I’d be bored to tears without horses in my life. Hope O feels better soon 😦

  9. I have found that the more obstacles in my way, the more I want/must have/obsess over horse time. So on a typical nice sunny day and outdoor arena is good to go: “Meh, I think I will ride later today.” But if it is rain/snow/massive storm of any kind I am always like “WWHHHHYYYY!!? I must ride. This is B#*@#^&.” 😛

  10. I’m going back and reading some of your old posts to catch up. This one in particular struck a chord with me. I think about this All. The. Time. Horses are such a huge time and financial committment, I know the other areas of my life get short-changed. I’ve tried life without horses, though, and it wasn’t pretty… so I guess I’ll have to live with a dirty house and a long-suffering husband 🙂

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