Blue Goo

My mare is now the horse with one blue “shoe”. After talking with the vet and seeing her in person farrier had decided to give her 6-8 weeks of the epoxy before we consider other options.

It’s a really cool process, and I’m not sure if anyone else has ever seen it done, so I tried to take some pictures.  Obviously O stood like a rock for most of it looking bored.


I know, her mane is out of control.

After resetting her just a bit to be sure we didn’t have any pressure points under the shoe farrier places a hardcore mesh plastic between shoe and sole, this is for the epoxy, for extra space to stick to.  He then cleans her foot as much as possible as this stuff adheres to anything.  Then O gets to wear a pretty sock while he prepped the epoxy.

Next, her flat feet take up a lot of the epoxy, so in it goes.  He holds the foot level until it spreads and fills the space.  The color of the month was blue.  I like it.

After it starts to settle he carefully covers the bottom of her foot with a syrifoam pad, and duct tapes any edges so that the “goo” doesn’t escape.

And starts trimming extra epoxy off.

And he was finally done!

I gave her the next day off, and was eager to see how’d she be last night.  I tacked up, hopped on, and with trainers eagle eyes watching….off we trotted.  It was odd, I could feel something but it wasn’t really a lame step.

So I’m feeling hopeful that the epoxy was the right choice!  She’s getting a few more days off and we’ll see how she goes this weekend.

18 thoughts on “Blue Goo

  1. Bacon had the same stuff applied to her feet during her last shoeing. Thin soles and a bit more support for her. She seemed to really enjoy the whole process and really likes her feet now! Life is funner with fancy blue feet. Hopefully O will think so too!

  2. LOL – I thought WTF is on her leg??? But then I realized it was the flipped up bell boot. I think its only fitting you get her blue bell boots to match the epoxy πŸ™‚

  3. There was at horse at the therapeutic riding center who had blue goo (he was a laminitis case) and it was AWESOME for him! He was SO much more comfortable getting around. Hopefully O will feel good soon!

  4. Bobby had that in his messed up RF with his last (and final) farrier for almost a year. It completely rotted away his entire frog by the time I pulled his shoes, so just make sure you keep and eye out for any thrush developing when she gets reset. I do love the blue color though! I didn’t even know fancy colors were an option!

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