Today is the Day!

The one and only farrier fantastico will be out today to try out a few things to make O more comfortable.  

Options that we are considering:

Front pads: Not my favorite, because I do think that the sole suffers a bit and tends to thin, especially on my flat footed pony, but if it is the final answer, I’ll be okay with that.

Epoxy: Provides some support for the hoof and scarred area while still allowing more vibrations and impact to be felt at the sole.  Slightly better for long term sole strength, and usually only goes in for 10-16 weeks at a time. Bonus: it comes in fun colors like purple.

Trim and hope: This scarring has been a place of concern since I bought her, and is an obvious weak spot in O.  It’s been growing out really well, and with the help of the farrier, we’ve been trimming it back, exposing more and more good hoof versus funky scar.

Of course once he gets here, maybe there will be more options.  Either way I’ve decided I’m going to be optimistic.  I even signed up for a lesson Wednesday!  The horse and I are both getting fat from this time off. Time to get back at it!

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